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  1. Relatively Funny Shyt

    That was terrible. TERRIBLE.
  2. Liquids Tonight

    DJ Tomo!
  3. Breast Implants

    May I call you a large-breasted whore? ------------------ whore=crack
  4. Am I the Only Virgin on the Board?

    Yes. Whore! ------------------ whore=crack
  5. Take The Korzo Quiz- It's But One Question...

    Geez, that's a tough one. I'm gonna go with sexy bastard. ------------------ whore=crack
  6. The Guy With One Ball

    You're such a whore.......... ------------------ whore=crack
  7. your complaints about NY?

    One complaint- Crackorn ------------------ whore=crack
  8. A Worthless Post

    worthless................... ------------------ whore=crack
  9. The UNOFFICIAL **CC/DT** Register

    back ------------------ whore=crack
  10. ANOTHER Worthless Post

    dirtbag ------------------ whore=crack
  11. A Worthless Post

    Seriously, screw you, you slut ------------------ whore=crack
  12. Write Your Obituary

    Born, lived, died. Survived by brother Coxwingin A. Rownd. ------------------ whore=crack
  13. Girls- Build Me Your Man

    Um, yeah!!! ------------------ whore=crack
  14. F F F

    Fuck you. ------------------ whore=crack
  15. SnD- My Personal Waterloo

    Slut. ------------------ alsoabump