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  1. Help?

    Can any give me some reviews of Strata. Would this be a good plavce to go for a house and hip hop dance music, with a Goodlooking crowd. Trying to plan a party for my sister, any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Help!

    Can anyone help fill the void left by Hunka Bunka Closing last year. Summertime is now over, and I am looking to throw a Party for my Sisters Birthday. She loved Hunka. What is the new place that took over that crowd. Deko is the only thing I think that is close, but does not have that upscale vibe. Is the Erotica Party the next alternative, or XL lounge? Thanks for any help.
  3. *** November 22, Friday...One night party ***

    I have not done Drama in years, but from what I remember in their day they pulled a slammin crowd. I hope this kicks that place back into gear. Im In!
  4. Happy B'day Pimpmod247!!!

    What are the plans, what are the plans? I am ready to rage my balls off. Where are we going? We are def going to go out of control, but where is the question? We need a place to go for late night after hours.
  5. Let's form a CP Meetup at The HUNT!!!!

    I'll be at #1315 Half in the Bag if ya know what I mean. Your ass better not pull the shoot early!
  6. The Hunt

    Beat It! How about that one!
  7. The Hunt

    I have a massive group going, we are at Spot # 1315.
  8. The Hunt

    Anyone know what time the hunt ends, or if anything cool is going on afterwards? When I find out what tent we are at I will put it up.
  9. The Hunt

    Thats what I hear. I should be a good time, my friends and I plans on bringing some good beats, and blending drinks to kinda kick it up a notch.
  10. The Hunt

    Is anyone going to the "HUNT" It is that horse race thing, where everyone gets wasted all day.
  11. Keep the Asians out of clubs!

    They can be so annoying....Plus, they ruin all clubs.....Hence, Exit before the invasion of Asians it was a great place ect.... Thoughts and concerns. Plus, I'm not the only one who thinks this...Get some balls ladies and gentleman and voice your thoughts about how you really feel. :eek:
  12. Soundfactory Underwear Party????

    I was there last year....off the wall. Any theme night is a lot of fun at SF!!!! See ya all there....PEACE!
  13. The Ultimate DJ Poll

    Bro, Are you kidding me with Draper? He's terrible! And belongs now where near that list. Plus he spins with cds....not Vinyl. That guy plain sucks! :laugh:
  14. Giving DT Props!!!!

    You're not happy the twilo crowd is there.....Why? Because the place has a better looking crowd now.....Are you kidding? Twilo closing was the best thing that happened to Vinyl....Not for nothing but, the crowd wasn't anything to write home about before some of the Twilo crowd started to meander over there. If you really thought it was about the three things you listed you wouldn't care that the Twilo crowd has moved the party to Vinyl...Dumbass!
  15. Giving DT Props!!!!

    Lets put it this way calmdwn.....its a mind blowing experience! You can't compare DT's music he's the best in the world. Go to Vinyl and see for yourself Peace