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  1. Message to Deep Dish

    Best set DD ever spun was this year @ Space for the conference. They tore the place up. I was there until 4pm and the place was still going strong. Plus it didnt hurt to have Danny Howells on the deck earlier in the evening. I slept through the event that evening due to two days of neptunes in inclement weather. From what I hear, even from the promoters, that they were bad that sunday night. Boris, Mady and Moody did play much better than them the night before. I love DD, but when you have an off night, you have an off night. Every set can't be the bomb. Look, even the Yankee's lose once in a while. DT JULY 3rd......... BE (YOURSELF) THERE!
  2. SPace aint all that kids?

    Space changed locations due to the termination of their lease. The lease came to maturity and the property owner was unwilling to work with the club. Hence, Space moved to the spot up the block on NE 11th street. Supposedly, the old location cannot be leased or sold to another club/club owner for the next 5 years, protecting the original Space's interests. I for one, amonst many other's was very dissapointed with the new venue. No character whatsoever. The new venue is actually smaller than the old venue and has less bar's. I was speaking with one of the door person's regarding the spec's of the new venue vs. old and the new venue can hold 3500 to 4000 people while the original space held close to 7000 patrons and for some reason there was always room in the old venue. It never was really unbearable. My trip down this weekend was unbearable. The lines were the worst I had ever seen them. I already miss the old venue. It was my favorite club (besides palladium back in the day). R.I.P Club Space 1998 - 2003. You will be dearly missed. All of our trips down to Miami will never be the same.