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  1. absence does not make the owl grow wiser... sorry for the lack of posts this month! tune in tomorrow.
  2. laying guilt trips on people is NOT ok . here is yet another situation in which the golden rule comes into play. tune in tomorrow.
  3. tempting and convenient as it may seem, it is dangerous to hire a friend for a job, no matter how small, as money or feelings may become a problem. it would be a shame for a friendship to be harmed over something as silly as a dispute over money or dissatisfaction over the quality of a job done or service rendered. tune in tomorrow.
  4. trust is something that must be earned, not given automatically and then revoked when broken . tune in tomorrow.
  5. when one has trouble finding or doing something, it's time to approach it from a totally different angle or perspective. there are many ways to get or do almost anything. tune in tomorrow.
  6. tank top weather is officially here, and with it comes the requirement to wear sunscreen. even if one thinks s/he will only be out for an hour, that's enough to get burned, but here's an even more important reason to put it on in a case like that: one might always change his/her plans. if other errands or fun opportunities should arise, one shouldn't have to worry about getting sunburned or have to change his/her plans in order to properly protect him/herself. as an aside, this author got a sunburn last april from being in the sun for about an hour and a half during an angels game without wearing sunscreen, and still has pronounced tan lines left over from that horrible sunburn. 12 months haven't corrected the situation, and now exposing these shoulders again will only continue to tan them unevenly. even if we take the skin damage and possibilities for cancer out of the equation, not wanting to look silly is reason enough to protect oneself . tune in tomorrow.
  7. tradition v. innovation is an often-fought battle. what's important to remember is that the rightful winner is different in every situation. some things should change with the times, other things need to remain constant to stay true to themselves and -- sometimes -- to survive. tune in tomorrow.
  8. walking in the dark s l o w l y can really help to minimize toe-stubbing. seriously. tune in tomorrow.
  9. unfortunately, a handshake or someone's word doesn't seal a deal or bind him/her to anything. without a contract or, in some cases, a deposit or some kind of money being involved, a lot of people won't honor a business type of commitment, such as a sale or tenancy. if one is new at that sort of thing, it can help to ask how to go about it from more experienced people. tune in tomorrow.
  10. going out with a new group of people can yield more than just a good time -- it can also yield a new group of friends. tune in tomorrow.
  11. one shouldn't underestimate the hidden talents of one's friends, neighbors, and co-workers. people have many sides to them that they don't always show all the time and/or to everyone. tune in tomorrow.
  12. if one knows s/he will have to reneg on a promise or let someone down, it is only fair to tell the person as soon as possible. prolonging the disappointment is only further punishment; it doesn't make the promise seem kept for a longer amount of time. one should come clean and be honest the moment one knows s/he can't honor his/her commitment. tune in tomorrow.
  13. it's a good idea to phone ahead just about any place one wants to go these days; lots of businesses and recreational facilities have more limited hours than they used to. it's better to be sure than to get somewhere and have one's plans be ruined. tune in tomorrow.
  14. captain obvious says: calling four hours later than due for an engagement to apologize for not being there yet is not as responsible or respectful as calling half an hour before to tell the other party that one will be late. honestly, this is unacceptable behavior . tune in tomorrow.
  15. all work with no breaks leads to sloppy and unfocused work. doing something over and over can make one insensitive to errors, so taking a few minutes every now and then to do something else equally involved (e.g. writing an e-mail, paying a bill, doing a puzzle) can help one stay on the ball and accurate as far as work is concerned. tune in tomorrow.