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  1. Guys a little help.....what are some good happy hour spots in the city? looking for a nice or upscale place, either hip hop or club......and of course a good amount of good looking women....haha....all help appreciated....thanks!!!
  2. Paul Oakenfold @ crobar thanksgiving eve

    I don't know why nobody is seeing this...this is TRANCEGIVING where it should be, on Thanksgiving Day!!! not Thanksgiving EVE.....for all of you Oakey haters out there, please don't come to the show!! Oakey started real progressive Trance and still to this day is the best DJ in the world...IMO....just needed to clear this up because thanksgiving eve sucks....its the next biggest amateur night compared to NYE....have a good one....for all those oakey fans that are loyal and have gone to the original Trancegiving events at hammerstein, I'll see you there..... OAKEY! OAKEY! OAKEY! OAKEY!
  3. yo area2

    :: PERFORMING ON THE MAIN STAGE :: PERFORMING IN THE PLAYSTATION 2 DANCE TENT Ash Blue Man Group Busta Rhymes David Bowie Moby 3:50 - 4:30 PM 4:55 - 5:45 PM 6:15 - 7:00 PM 7:30 - 8:45 PM 9:15 - 10:40 PM Liquid Todd 2:30 - 3:15 PM Dieselboy3:15 - 4:00 PM DJ Tiësto 4:00 - 6:00 PM DJ Tim Skinner 6:00 - 6:30 P John Digweed 6:30 - 8:30 PM Carl Cox 8:30 - 10:00 PM
  4. yo area2

    Tiesto is going to be nuts, you should just go to it for him.... Plus the best part is smoking up on the lawn and NOT getting caught...... TIESTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Oakie's Tracklisting @ Exit

    Hammerstein Ballroom, TRANCEGIVING 2001!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Oakie's Tracklisting @ Exit

    Dirtyepic.........i couldnt of said it better myself.......i respect your post to the fullest!!!!!!! "MuZiK iS LiFe" "As thE cRoWd puTs ThErE HaNdZ iN ThE aiR aNd PoiNt To ThE StaGe FoR OnE MAn, aNd ThaT MaN iS dJ TieSto!"
  7. Oakie's Tracklisting @ Exit

    I got it off the Perfecto website..........dude I know I just don't like hearing that Oakey sucks, because from the DJ aspect of it, his mixes are amazing and his ability to get the crowd going is ridiculous.....its basically his talent, he has a lot of it and you should respect him atleast, im not saying like him.......it is impossible to like every DJ out there because its just what kind of music you are into........
  8. Oakie's Tracklisting @ Exit

    Basically what I am trying to get out is that is only your opinion like sweetie said.....you don't like that genre of music so don't knock it......his mixes are amazing.....thats something no one can take away from him........
  9. Oakie's Tracklisting @ Exit

    Paul Oakenfold has a near impeccable sense of timing and taste. As a producer, DJ, remixer and head of Perfecto Records, he's been the driving force behind the creation of various musical genres. Paul has got himself into the perfect position. He can be in the studio one week producing a tune and be playing the result to 100,000 people a couple of days later, and then release it on his own record label. In terms of DJ-ing itself he's done it all from headlining the Glastonbury mainstage to playing at technically spooky venues in Bombay and China. He's promoted his sound, trance, slowly yet surely via well planned tours of America and elsewhere, a two-year residency at Cream, and by doing some excellent Essential Mixes for Radio 1. He is now a kind of DJ ambassador for Radio 1, his enviable brief is to play the best music to be broadcast from some of the most exotic locations in the world. Paul first opened the doors of his own label Perfecto in 1990. But with the worldwide growing popularity of trance now confirmed as a 21st century phenomenon, this label is more relevant than ever. Building on the enormous chart success of house act Planet Perfecto and Paul’s own projects, Perfecto is trance’s hottest new millennium brand name. As well as a vehicle for Paul’s music – and an albumful of his is due in early 2002 – Perfecto is developing into a home for an international dance roster of unequalled up and coming talent, all proof that Paul’s globe-trotting DJ career provides an outlet for his A&R signing skills. German multi-genre stepper Timo Maas has signed an album deal with the label. Acts with late-2001 singles on Perfecto include Argentina’s Hernan Cattaneo, Nilo from Italy, Texan D:Fuse, New Yorker Harry “Choo Choo†Romero, Flash from Israel, Manchester duo Konkrete, and the trance buzz act of the moment, Russia’s PPK.
  10. Oakie @ CPI's

    I saw him at exit this time, which was awesome......you are right i didn't personally see him at CPI so i get you.....you should definately go see him at hammerstein for Trancegiving, because that out of the 7 times I saw him was phenomenal......
  11. Oakie's Tracklisting @ Exit

    I really wanna hear why Oakenfold sucks??????????...............hey mangledx....the old stuff is what makes the show, oh and do you DJ???..........i garuntee you dont because your taste in music is terrible..........and sweetie, if you liked TIESTO, i have news for you they play almost all of the same songs, you should look into that one.............
  12. im very confused 1 of u dj help plz

    Bro you should definatly use vinyl, certainly if you have TECHS.....for the best vinyl go to www.satelliterecords.com, they have the best records and if you are like me and can go to NYC then its even better because thats where the store is.....to me Vinyl is very expensive but worth it in the long run.....
  13. Oakie @ CPI's

    You are insane managledx........i really want to know how many times you have seen Oakey play????.......I have seen him 7......just shut your mouth and think about what you say......you are saying that the best DJ in the world sux.........maybe its because you don't like deep progressive trance.......you like hard trance......you probably think that Tony Draper is good too huh??...... "FeeL THe MuZiK TaKinG CoNtRoL.........DJ TIESTO!!!!!"
  14. Oakie's Tracklisting @ Exit

    Ok......you people have no taste in music at all......Oakenfold is the #1 DJ in the world, how are you gonna say that he plays crap and has bad mixes???.......you probably have no idea how to even turn a turntable on, his mixes are so tight its unfathomable......he is the master of trance music......go sit at roxy and listen to that horrible music they play.....the only dj that can step up to oakey is Tiesto......i learn you on this, get a taste of music before you open your mouth..... as for the original purpose i dont know exact track listing but here a few songs that he played Southern sun Mauro Piccotto-Lizard CJ Ballad-The Prophet Tiesto & Junkie XL - Obsession Dirty Vegas-Days go by(not sure why)
  15. How was exit??!!?!?

    Oakey was amazing, especially when he played LIZARD.....what a classic