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  1. say hi to the newbie

    waddup Craig. So what's the "brand new flavor in your ear" for this year? peace & keep it movin ------------------ Keep It Movin
  2. this moment.....dont let this moment end(offtopic)

    uuhhh....ok.....but i was only asking for a hug. ------------------ Keep It Movin
  3. The World on New Years

    When i watched MTV's New Year's special, the club as well as the people didn't look all that. But then i took a look at some of the pix from this site, www.allnightclubs.com/gallery , and some of the chix looked slammin. I have yet to hit that party, but maybe now i'll have to check it out. peace ------------------ Keep It Movin
  4. ALready 4 hours into the new year.....

    Happe <A HREF="http://www.clubplanet.com/newyearseve/">New Year </a> ohh.p.s. NO MORE ALCAHOL ON 2001 [This message has been edited by ghostfacekilla (edited 01-01-2001).]

    "FUKTED UP" can we say this boyz and girlz? let me fuckin tell ya, i'm sooooo fukted up right now, as i type. wtf is wrong with me, goddamit? (note to self, no more shots of "Cintron yellow") peace and "keep it movin"
  6. A Poet I Am Not...

    Very nice. Actually, i'm a bit of a poet myself, but, goddammit, for the life of me, i can't finish my latest poem because i can't find anything that rhymes with "Halle Berry". peace & "keep it movin" [This message has been edited by ghostfacekilla (edited 01-01-2001).]
  7. Any NYC clubs for 40 something year old females?

    new club on 51st & 6th, i believe, called "Club Geritol" check it out peace and "keep it movin"
  8. I've got 14 inches!

    wow, and i thought i had a lot. last time i measured it was like around 9-10 inches.....................................................................................................oh, and we received 12 incehes of snow too. peace & "keep it movin"
  9. nice site and cool pics. Me give it 2 thumbs up. p.s. despite the above posts, i personally like the whole "lips-licking" thing. peace & "keep it movin"
  10. Trying to build rave sex site

    This shit is hysterical. I swear, in reading some of these responses, people take this stuff way too seriously. peace
  11. Your Royal Shallowness

    Hey, take everything people say on this board with a grain of salt. For it is just that - a message board. Right or wrong, i'm sure others have felt or feel the way you do, just would never admit after the response you just received. My advice. Just watch your choice of words next time. peace
  12. Anyone on right now? Turn to 92.7

    it's from SF, but i'm not sure if they're on right now, believe i heard someone else's name
  13. pretty good selection, live from SF i believe, btw, i'm feeling this U2 "Beautiful Day" remix! peace and I'm out
  14. What dj has inspired you over the years.......

    Jill, this Trevor Rockliffe guy sounds good, any cd's out? For myself, i like danceable, head boppin music. From Rap to CLub, whatever it is, it HAS to make you just nod your head, even if you're not a fan of that kind of music. That being said, i like JP, because he plays, that hard head-noddin, techno & hard house type-shit, that makes me go nuts. First time i walked into SF and JP was going off, i wanted to vream in my fuckin pants. Guys like Oliver Lieb who play hard funky, danceable techno & trance. As far as Rap, i like Dj Premier (Gangstarr) and Ali Shaheed Muhhamad (TRibe called Quest). I've always said, that if i see a song with their name on it,without having heard it, i'll pick it up, cause i know the beat & trackline is going to be off the hook. Same for Lieb. Long live hard, funky BEATS peace
  15. Best BJ at present time

    i'm a fan of the ole "rusty trombone" where the chick grabs ur member from behind you, like she's playin a goddamn, fuckin trombone. Hells Yeah!!