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  1. New Years Eve

    Its not here yet, but its good to plan in advance. What is going to be happening locally for New Years that would be worth checking out?
  2. New To Los Angeles

    I know I saw it once, but now I cant find a website to Heaven Fridays at the Vanguard. Any one now the link?
  3. New To Los Angeles

    I'm new to Los Angeles and I was curious as to where all the good clubs for trance, house, electronic music are? I found Circus on Saturdays which I love, but I was wondering where else during the week are good places to go? I've heard something about Giant at Avalon. So where the places peoples?
  4. Clubplanet.com Expansion Cities

    All I know is that alot of the information on Orlando that you have is almost 4 or more years old, alot has changed and the info needs to be updated, dont know how to go about doing that or if you could make a forum for Orlando as well.