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  1. The Shaun Bell NYPD Incident

    I never mentioned race why would you? mike got a little overeager and shot 31 times.. 2x as much as the other officers
  2. The Shaun Bell NYPD Incident

    First off don't tell me to shut the fuck up, second i'm not saying i know what i would do.. I'm saying that the cops should know what to do if there was a shooter than how come it has not come out??
  3. The Shaun Bell NYPD Incident

    exactly i was not there, why b/c im not an undercover cop.. Your execuses sound like he was a civilian not a cop with training in these type of situations. he emptied and reloaded his gun and continued shooting
  4. The Shaun Bell NYPD Incident

    The key word is believe the dude had a gun.. They did not.. So 31 shots were excessive... The difference btwn us and him is he is a trained undercover cop to act in these situations.. We are not If they get off the defense better show a 4th shooter.. If not people are gonna go ape shit, and well deserved
  5. Roxy Closing Party...

    This is gonna be a huge gay event.. if your straight go there with an open mind
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9NhrTOiLw0I
  7. a black guy and a woman

    well George Bush has proven you don't need to be a white male to do a good job as president
  8. Police brutality on the rise in local club district

    send them to newsoutlets... they love that stuff
  9. **Issues w/Tranny's in Bathrooms**

    well they just won a lawsuit against the MTA on allowing them to use the womans bathroom.. I don't want to see them in the mens room either..
  10. a black guy and a woman

    I understand that but my point is its too early to see who will win each nomination. we should be focusing on iraq and how to fix it
  11. a black guy and a woman

    Well Bill Clinton announced his candidacy on October 3, 1991.. Thats about 13 months before the election. Who do the republicans have? romney? rudy, john mccain, brownback? no one i would really go nutty over
  12. Police brutality on the rise in local club district

    oh sorry i meant 75K with overtime.. but cops in LI make double that
  13. a black guy and a woman

    the election is 1 year and a half out.. do you really think those will be the candidates?
  14. Police brutality on the rise in local club district

    I would be pissed also if i made under 25K a year and capped off under 60K...
  15. Late crowd with the strippers or without the strippers?