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  1. It's between Westside Highway and 11th avenue.
  2. That would be a night to remember, considering the limited space and no AC!
  3. Based on the last HBO, most of them are in jailed are killed. Heard they're making a comeback.....thru the grapevine.
  4. I dink the opening Dj had more juice than Vicious. Who is he, btw? He had the crowd moving from the beginning, once Motorcycle came on, the crowd started to thin out fast!
  5. Who's hating? a lil insecure, i c....
  6. No. When i tried the CP clublist, it keeps telling me to enter the username and password, and i can't get pass that with my info.
  7. If someone can send me the printout, i would appreciate it.
  8. Free...my @$$! They make you wait out there and slowly take their sweet time to let u in before the 12am deadline! Seems like it's an 21 and over party.....
  9. Does anyone have more info? Like is it a 18+ over or 21 party? Dress Code? so on and so forth...
  10. Is that someone posting for JP or is that his actually screen name?
  11. English Grammer 1 on 1? Hooked on Phoenics?
  12. I just recently purchased the Sony DSC-P10, very light, very useful, overall a great product. Here's a review site of most of the digital cameras out in the market today: http://www.steves-digicams.com/
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