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  1. Puppy Training

    When training your pup you have to be very firm with them. When they do something wrong you have to verbally scold them and let them know (you dont need to hit them) if they pee or defecate grab them by the neck and push their face into it. It seems evil but thats the only way to make them understand they did something wrong. Goodluck with your dog.
  2. ....scorpio roll call....

    11/2 here too
  3. Hello all, quick question?

    thanks for the heads up
  4. Hello all, quick question?

    Im gonna be going to Europe (London, Italy, Prague, Amsterdam) for three weeks this summer and i wanna know what the good spots are before hand... anyone visit these places and can give me some good places to check out??
  5. The Rebound

    Nice to see you are still around, busting balls.
  6. The Rebound

    I was thinking of the picking of the nose...
  7. The Rebound

    Lets not get ahead of ourselves...!!! you wanna play with my toes again dont you.
  8. The Rebound

    soon as i get the results from the LSAT back... i hope i did well... who knows maybe we will go to columbia together
  9. The Rebound

    i find out around oct. 25th... good luck studying for that.
  10. EROTIC Phone Fantasies!

    Why waste the money?? You can program the microsoft narrator to get freaky with you... i love that robotic voice.
  11. The Rebound

    Just doing the whole school thing, took my LSAT last week so now im playing the waiting game... how are the GREs treating you??
  12. The Rebound

    All hail Lynne, resident tabula rasa of Clubplanet... whats up hun??
  13. The Rebound

    what wonders never cease to amaze... ive been lurking for the past 2 days and this post just had to bring me out... wtf is going on here?? I feel like im in the twilight zone.
  14. Hello all... long time no post

    Alright alright... i cant be thinking about this now... no parties till october 2nd! But i appreciate the gesture.
  15. Hello all... long time no post

    you two are adorable.