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  1. Lawler review

  2. Lawler review

    it was filthy dirty.. lol
  3. Investing in apartments

    uh.. thank you for 'splaining.. but i still dont know how i feel about that :shuffle id rather take the song "run around sue"
  4. Investing in apartments

    lol i try to keep you on your toes..
  5. Investing in apartments

    yeah.. wher are you looking.. nyc is a whole different ball game when it comes to real estate. also depends on what type of apartment. co-op or condo? with a co-op some boards also require that you still have 2-6 months mortgage payments in the bank AFTER you close.
  6. hotel recommendation for NYC?

    hampton inn is like 145 (51rst and 8th) and then there is a Hilton Garden Inn about the same amt. see hotels.com do a search for midtown .. cant go wrong i think the Holiday Inn Lafayette is good prices. you are downtown right off canal street . but my friends have had good luck with Priceline too! theygot a 4star hotel for 185 a couple weeks ago
  7. Did my taxes today:

    are you talkng about me? ive gotten back $5K plus over the past five years...
  8. Dieting..

    really? you dont say. i never would have known. thanks for the advice!
  9. Argentina/Buenos Aries:

    my uncle went during thanksgiving. he loved it. he said if you think new york city is big, wait til you see Buenos Aires. he got a great deal too, flight and hotel for $700 for 6 nights
  10. Dieting..

    girl can i get an amen. i started my diet monday. it sucks . the only bright spot between now and the end of march ... disney world - march5-10th. and then its back to the boring stuff for two weeks
  11. hey billy. just be forewarned that the Lowes is nice, great pool but also LOTs of kiddies and families. i fyou are looking to continue the party in the hotel, this may not be the best choice.. heard management can be somewhat dicks... i love The Shore Club but i love The Raleigh even more! beautiful hotel, flatsceen tvs in the room, awesome pool . i would also stay at The Hotel http://www.thehotelofsouthbeach.com/ excellent location on Collins and rooftop pool and not outrageously expensive. Designed by Todd Oldham and the restuarant Wish was pretty good too
  12. The show 'South Beach' on UPN blew ass

    the kid who played Vincent (chris johnson) is from boston..He's good friends with a couple of my friends. hehe i
  13. would you adopt?

    idk much about korea, only from what i have learned from the few books that i have read and WOM. i am guessing that i was probably born to a single mother and in korea i would have been treated like a 2nd or 3rd class citizen. i probably would not have the same rights, education or oppty's. . (or so i am told) When i tell other koreans that i am adopted, they look at me with pity. i laugh. i am not ashamed. i i am adopted and actually quite proud of it. i like to claim myself to be a "polish-asian" chick i have never had abandoment issues. if anything i know that i am wanted. my biological mother was unselfish enough to give me up for a better life, another chance, a bigger opportunity. my parents jumped through hoops to adopt my sister and I . (yes they were crazy enough to do it a second time!) I have no interest in searching for my parents. it sometimes irks me when people ask me "don't you want to find your real parents?" my "real" parents are the ones that raised me, not the ones that conceived me. My childhood was not a storybook but i do respect, love and appreciate my parents more every day. i guess if you are a parent that adopts, you have to be secure enough, strong enough and love enough for your child that you will understand whatever decision that they make. (just like you would w/ any other life's decison, biological offspring or not ) so one day i would like to have my own little "suesaj's" but if i cant.. yes i would adopt, w/o a doubt!
  14. haha i am friends with him. went out drinking with him on saturday actually . he's in new york now too
  15. lets play the name game. do you know a kid named, Paul clancy?