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  1. GLOW Events...Sasha...George Acosta...more!

    All DnB has been moved back to the front room, none in the main room (except for planet of the drums).
  2. 01/21/05 ::: [email protected] ::: ramz

    Ha. You could also say spanning two millenia, Jason.
  3. I think the last time I actually saw her was at Arc when Hawtin and Vath were spinning there about two years ago.
  4. weekend?

    Friday I spent at the beach and then just lounging around. Saturday was spent at the beach and then we went to dinner at Margaritaville. Sunday was spent with Leah's mom.
  5. Kill me, please!!!!

    Times have changed. Now I do think I'm better than the rest of you.
  6. why did you leave cp . . .

    Because I hate message boards in general.
  7. Saeed Younan at Andalu this SAT.

    You know no one black has ever asked me to play hip-hop while I was DJing (although there was one request for reggae). The people who ask are always white chicks.
  8. Saeed Younan at Andalu this SAT.

    Of course it's racist. They obviously want to change the music to drive away a certain crowd because black people don't listen to that techno shit.
  9. PLasTikMann In dC!

    And Magda!
  10. BIG Plastikman news

    In fucking Montreal.
  11. Howells & Burridge . . .

    I thought you were in Colorado.
  12. 2.13 >> Micro, Dave Aude, Baron @ Cubik!

    Please actually bring some. There hasn't been a lot of breaks and as far as techno there's only been Aaron Liberator, Green Velvet and Edan so far.