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  1. Music Forum: January Hits

    Is that like was when you have 2 screen names,like NYCHUNK and D.Schwartz?????......
  2. Which CP Poster seems to get RATTLED the easiest?

    I remember that..Some funny shit Hype...
  3. Any Help?????

    Didnt you play it at 718????
  4. I want to Meet Cool new Clubber/Friends

    I Definitely smell a pork product of some type....
  5. Jordan Twins, Santana, & Teo T.

    Oh i know that club....That was in Lodi right??? Wait, no rahway????
  6. Jordan Twins, Santana, & Teo T.

    Who is this Teo you speak of ?? LOL
  7. New Club In Jersey Breaks Into The Cd Market

    NYC Hunk, We are not ripping him. I gave him credit for having talent, but his ego needs to put in check alittle dont you think??? Posting that you are the fastest rising superstar DJ is just a bit over the top for alot of us on here. Plus, he spelled rising wrong..LOL It could have been alot worse...
  8. Happy Bday Ceeotter

    How did i miss this post???? Must be my eye's at my age..LOL Happy bleated Birthday to my favorite Jackass!! LOL Luv ya Sweet heart..
  9. New Club In Jersey Breaks Into The Cd Market

    Matt, I think your missing my point. What i was saying was that for Cheyne to call HIMSELF the worlds fastest rising superstar DJ was just sad.. Didnt say he didnt have talent. Would you come on here and post something like that???? Or better yet, would some other Dj's, Who post on here,post something like that?????????? Bottom line is that if your good other people will say so..
  10. New Club In Jersey Breaks Into The Cd Market

    Man, your EGO has gone through the roof!!!!!!!! Posting this about yourself is just plain sad.....
  11. VIP @ Mansion

    Drive through Lakewood....Im sure someone there could hook it up for you... That place is all "gangsta" now.....All rap....All the time... Im sure you will have a great time as the only white girl there..LOL
  12. Saturday @Mansion DJ Teo T

    Who is this Teo you speak of ?? LOL Im coming through for this..
  13. The Last Dance Of Summer (Aug 06) Set For DL

    Sounds like the Royal Two remix.
  14. Friday FU's

    F.U. To this knee surgery that has me out for 8 weeks. No more MMA for me..