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    this coming fall i will be attending Rutgers University, otherwise, i lift, i club, and i landscape
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    Lancerland, New Jowrzey
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    Clubbin, lifting, straight chillin
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  1. Attention all Rutgers Dj's

    The night will be November 30th, we still need a DJ, it will be held in the banquet hall in Nielson Dining hall at cook campus. We still need a DJ, if anyone is interested please let me know. We will need you from 7-10 and there will be people available for setup and breakdown. Cheese music is prefered, high school dance atmosphere, its a masquerade ball. Volunteer or for cheap, we have a VERY tight budget, but thank you for all listening. [email protected]
  2. Attention all Rutgers Dj's

    On December 1st or 8th (not sure which yet), the Cook campus freshman will be holding a masquerade/costume ball type dance in the Cook campus center... We need a Dj!!! it will be held from 8-12 that night. If you are willing to donate your time for our cause, or be paid minimally, please contact me. Post a thread, or you can email me at [email protected] thanks for your time ~Lou
  3. Paint it black, old or new?

    i just downloaded paint it black by sfl, its really good, has it been around for awhile?
  4. sick mixes

    recently i heard a cd that my friend had made with the Tetris techno song, but it had like a million different versions where all kinds of other hott songs were mixed in with it. i'd like to download a bunch of songs like that, but i dont know where to start. I dont want anymore with just tetris in it, cuz i got a lot of them now... so if anybody can help out, can you make some lists here with some hott mixes. thanks everyone
  5. Dirty Songs!

    Well peeps, how about we start a list of "dirty songs" By dirty songs i mean all those cool songs that have good beats and dirty lyrics. Here are some of my favs. The Dick Suck Song (suckin my dick, is what you wanna do) Horny - Mousse T (Im horny, horny horny horny) THe Coochie Song - Wash it Scooter - Fuck the millenium Dj Alligator - Suck on my lollipop (not really dirty, but good like that) Hallucinogen - Twisted
  6. Song ID

    i recently downloaded this HOTT song off audiogalaxy. it was called Myndy K - Where are you (Johnny Vicious Mix). However, i think that this might be a different song and its just labeled that. But i could be wrong. Its a female singer saying "Is this a dream, am i here, where are you?" Unfortunately this song was also ripped poorly, it skips around and is really annoying b/c its such a good song. If anyone has a clean copy of this song, could they please hook me up? [email protected]
  7. Mp3 Editor, can anyone hook me up?

    Big Art, what a guy, everyone, make sure they tell this guy what a great man he is! thanks again bro!
  8. Mp3 Editor, can anyone hook me up?

    does anyone have an mp3 editor that they could hook me up with? One that i can maybe fade away the end of the song, fixing those songs that are cut off at the ends?? if so please help! my email is [email protected] thanks
  9. Top 5/10 Hard House Songs

    Old School shot outs Super Power - In the Midnight Hour (JP) Tony Draper - Children of the Night and a little newer Avancada - Ha Deng (pulsdriver mix) Charlotte - Dont be afraid of the dark Jessica Folker - To be able to love (jp mix)
  10. Summer Anthem!

    doesnt anyone else have summer anthems? or is it that everyone on clubplanet is hatin on me?:hat2:
  11. Summer Anthem!

    What's everyone's summer anthem gonna be? Mindy K - Where are you?, Valio - Rapture?, Both are very hott songs, but I say Scream if you wanna go faster by Geri Halliwell (sleaze sisters anthem mix) its so hotttt!
  12. pics under names

    how do you get those cool pictures underneath your name on the posts???:hat2:
  13. Fruityloops!!

    everyone on this message board is so cool and nice, anything you ask for, there is someone who is willing to help you out. Keep it up peeps ------------------ We came to party, till the break of dawn
  14. draper bring back some classics

    Ladies and Gentleman is an amazing song I also love Stomp to my beat and The Dick suck song "Sucking my dick, is what you wanna do..." ------------------ We came to party, till the break of dawn
  15. The Best Ripper/Player?

    soundstream and scmpx are pretty good, they are what i use ------------------ We came to party, till the break of dawn