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  1. Well to make things short, I have registered on the Clubplanet list for Webster Hall on Friday which states that it is Complimentary Admission b4 3am. Well when we got there at 1:45am Martin Cod who was in charge of the list told us that they had no more COMPS and they usually run out of COMPS by 1:30. For the person who is in charge of the VIPClubbers list should take note that if you know that the COMPS run out by 1:30 not at 3 as stated. I suggest that you should change the time in your site to avoid further problems in the near future. What your doing is falsely advertising on your site that it is COMP b4 3 but in reality it's COMP b4 1:30. I went with a party of 5, so instead of dishing out $150 on all 5 of us to get in we decided to spent our money and time in another club (Limelight). We had a great time there and had an open tab that came out to close to $1,000. Big props to whoever runs that party. You'll be seeing me there more often, I was going to check out Webster Hall but after what happened you won't be seeing me there anytime soon. Peace! [This message has been edited by AntiClubplanet (edited 06-30-2001).]