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  1. CP tickets also come with line by pass and seperate entrance for the Vivid party...
  2. CP tickets also come with line by pass and seperate entrance for the Vivid party...
  3. Sex lessons from the Vivid Girls

  4. My new tear away dress is all ready to go...
  5. Lot 61 This Thursday Nite!!!

    Dgmodel...use DJ Klutch's list...its all good One of my good friend from Ford agency is celebrating a birthday there...hope to meet you...1st drink on moi We'll have a fabo time..."its all about the company you keep luv" Cheers! T
  6. No biggie I wont take that personally I am sure if you knew me as a person you would feel differently. I want only the best for those I care about and I hope they would want that for me. I know you are just being mean for drama purposes and I kinda like it..What a boring world this would be without people like you. You actually cared enough to respond..Thanks Love TT
  7. Fire Marshall not happy! No party there saturday
  8. Im not allowed to say.. But for those that dont know a stage has been added to Chaos ! TT
  9. I am one of the girls in the show that is going on that night. Just prepare to be dazzled Love the fact they are not closing till at least 6 this way i can chill after we are off TT
  10. Attention Help Wanted! (females preferred) Saturday, November 09, 2002 8pm-1130pm One of the Largest Night Clubs, CHAOS is Asking for Your HELP and Desires to HIRE for the Following Positions Now: Hostesses Waitresses Bartenders Models Dancers Door Person Cashier Other Talents We need people who are outgoing and friendly who are able to work permanently in clubs and at night events. The Interviews will take place at Club Chaos on Saturday, November 09, 2002 from 8:00pm to 11:30pm Please Try To Bring any Helpful information including Your Resume, Portfolio, Headshots or Your Card. Chaos. 225 E. Houston St.. NYC & Essex St.. To R.S.V.P. for these jobs/or any questions please email [email protected] and additional info will be sent to you. Please attach a pic and any info that will helpful with your email
  11. holy shit.. VIP hacked?!??!

    was affected...not their sister sites.. their online magazine... http://www.imakenews.com/vipguestlist/index.cfm message board http://vipguestlist.ync.net/cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi not sure what else I work for them at a few parties and I am sure it will be ok.. Trina
  12. Big 21 ! See ya tonight!
  13. any idea how it is..