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  1. Wed. & Thurs??

    Is there anything going on Wed and Thurs. night in Miami? I know it's a bit early for the WMC but I'll be down tomorrow night and was hoping to have some fun!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Montréal meet-up

    Holy sh*t....sona was outta control Friday. By far the best time I've ever had there! Were any of you there?????
  3. Montréal meet-up

    you got it jonnyb...I don't know what to do about friday night..I def. want to hit sona but I don't know what the best time is to get there...I wanna go late but I'll be with about 10 peeps so that'll be a pain to get in late..I'm thinking I'll be there early to chill at the bar and get shitty As far as the shirt goes..who knows if I will have one on but I will surely have a white hat that says "UCONN" on it see ya there...
  4. Montréal meet-up

    I'll be coming up this weekend...look for me at Sona..just ask every kid with a sleevless shirt on if it's me, you hit gold sooner or later
  5. purple pill?

    well, does anyone know anything about these????
  6. tiesto @ sona in MTL

    Well let me know if you'll be around. Like I said, I'm sure I will be there early to drink it up before the afterhour room opens up! If you're gonna be around let me know and we can setup a time and place to meet inside! Did I tell you I'm pumped for Montreal..I'm dying to see Eric Morillo at Aria Saturday
  7. purple pill?

    Has anyone tried a purple pill with no logo on it...please post experience...
  8. tiesto @ sona in MTL

    Hey, anyone up for meeting up next weekend (19th) I'll be hitting Montreal for some partying that weekend and it would be cool to hit Sona and Aria up with some people...
  9. can dogs...

    sniff E ? Meaning, can they detect it if say... You where to be searched and there was E hidden somewhere. Would they be able to sniff it out?
  10. heading to MTL this weekend....

    Where is Illume...I'm coming to canada soon and I am looking for a new club..is it regular of after hours? who's the resident there..do you know who'll be spinning the Oct 19th and 20th??? Anyway crossed the vermont canadian border since the attacks..do they give you a hard time or is it laid back like it used to be??/
  11. Snowballs??

    Anyone hear anything about snowballs lately?
  12. Snowballs??

    There is a batch (E) going around and I was just curious if they are speedy or dopey and how the comedown was. Does anyone have any experience with these...and yes I have checked out pillreports & blablabla..I was just looking for the boards opinions!