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  1. attn: mosquitos

    i left md in jan. i was gone for the worst i guess. i get back in july just in time....freaken nat's been hating on me these past 6 mos! the tropic isn't too bad though
  2. where @ in nj?

    jc,nj bro'!
  3. Brand New To Clubplanet....wassup?

    so who's from where? currently working in maryland, but jersey city, nj from the heart! hear me!?
  4. Favorite Beach Music

    incubus-morning view, or that classic freestyle shit....tka and so forth...anything goes though
  5. alright, so i've been away for the last 6 mos. now what will there for this cat to do the after the 11th of july?
  6. alright, alright. well, i take it back now. in that pic you don't look like her...anyone from jersey/new york
  7. thanx g, now how can i put that up?
  8. is it just me or does sexxybabyd resemble christina aguilera? i hope you don't get offended by that. you're a doll though...
  9. what an ass...3 times and a mo fo still cant get this right. bare with me people, just bare...
  10. damn, maybe it worked now....i'm thinking of purchasing one of those puma hats as soon as i touch back to the states....
  11. oh definetly...you all have nice pics. i've been away from the states for 6 god damn months! now i'm coming back. i'm from jersey, but right now i'm working in maryland...i'll be home july 5th! enough with the !!!....what's good by the time i get home?
  12. dress code

    what is the dress code for webster hall. today, saturday, i put myself on the guestlist for saturday night. is that for next saturday or tonight?