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  1. e has no effect on me...

    im not on any medication now, only marijuana, and alot of it.. heh, but my friends smoke a lil less than me and they be rollin', and they were all talkin about how damn good it was... so pissed. you think you can syke yourself in and out of a roll? i woulda thought it would be hard to miss... danknugs
  2. e has no effect on me...

    two days ago i took my first e pill, a double stacked igloo. an hour passed by, and all my friends were rollin hard, and i felt nothing. another hour passed, still nothing. so i popped another, same kind. and i still didnt get messed up. so i went home with wasting $40. the next day, i was concerned, so i did it again =). this time a green mitsu. friends got fucked up, but i didnt. i was so damn pissed off, i felt a little somethin in my head, but never did any touching feel good. what the hell is wrong with me? heh, maybe this is good?