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  1. CPI Sat. Night & Neptunes Mon. Review

    yeah another sweet ride ... lots of tribal tracks and some hard beats ... the usual vocals too ... closed it out. some awesome dancers at the end of the night from like 4-6 - very sweet thanks for a insane summer Jason ... see you soon Rally
  2. I believe there is a certain type of pill called PM ... not sure exactly the name - something like that ... it can be deadly looks like X apparently and supposed to have the same feel until later on it smacks you hard be very careful out there....... sober is the way to go

    maybe hitting CPI for Boris on sunday is Space open any more??? anyone know DEFLY hitting CPI for sat nite - party is gonna be hot!
  4. Who's Crying Now ...

    yo wasup bro!?!?! LMAO! ahahahahahaha yeah it's Mindtrap's remix (Ojeda and Motomo) it's real sweeet ... not pounding, but nice beat and sweet vocals I'm gonna mix it on a cd real soon and I'll hit you off with a copy summer's over ... when you hitting Vinyl or SF - any time soon? later
  5. Who's Crying Now ...

    who's spinning at Space this weekend for Labor day ... anyone know??? thanx in advance - specifically sunday night - trying to find out who's the DJ ... peace
  6. props to Mindtrap (Jason Ojeda and Motomo315) for a very sweeeeeeet upbeat remix vocal (Journey's old song) track is hot ... nice beat and awesome vocals and thanks to Jason for dropping Flow and Deep Chemical saturday nite ... you're a sick maniac! lol Old FUCK Rally
  7. Laser at CPI ...

    Tavern is good too on fridays ... Justin Michaels opens the night for Jared Scream ... Justin always spins a tight set - real sweet mixing skillz. Jared's ok, but very commercial imo. I've had a good time there also. Haven't been to Brazil, but I think those guys spin there on saturday nights so I'm sure it's decent too. I think peeps get so mangled at Neptunes during the day that a lot of them don't go out at night - lol and did Pier 1 buy Space or is that just a rumor???
  8. Laser at CPI ...

    you're probably right ... you could take a cab to Space after CPI - but it's a pain in the ass. It's about a half hour drive. Neptunes is still packed every saturday though so I guess there are still a lot of peeps out there during the day ... night is a different story
  9. Laser at CPI ...

    I think that there are just less people out there this summer ... I know that Space has been empty on several weekends ... I just don't get it. maybe the scene really is dying ... lol
  10. Laser at CPI ...

    i think fridays he's as Cyberia (sp?) and saturdays - not sure yet the whole Hamptons scene has been a lighter crowd - not as many peeps out there though - that's for sure CPI is still crowded like 2-3 years ago, but not nearly as bad Space (life) doesn't do well at all this year unless it's DT ... and i even heard that it wasn't that crowded that night too. so noone went and saw the laser???? I want to know what everyone thought of it
  11. Laser at CPI ...

    lol ... no - I wish I don't go out much and it's the summer ... so it's the nly place Iknow right now ... sorry iggy
  12. Laser at CPI ...

    that laser show was amazing ... defly had me wired all night - very nice ... and Ojeda tore it up as usual Rally
  13. Ripping it with tribal flavor .....

    anyone there this weekend .... anyone see that girl in the white outfit (from head to toe) - you could see the outline of everything ... if you know what I mean .... hehe
  14. Touch the Sky

    Anyone else feeling this vocal from Chris Cargo ... deep house vocal that has a lot of emotion ... real sweeeeeet - lol and there is some good new shit out also: Dan Robbins - Chanting in the Dark (Pete Heller remix) Henze & Dundov - Federation of Drums (Bamboo mix) Sandy Rivera & John Alvarez feat. Shawnee Taylor - Forever Pt. 2 (Bambossa dub) to name a few ...
  15. 1 flawless DJ .... 2 technics .... 1 pioneer effects box ... a denon ... lots of sick fucks on the dance floor ... 12:30 until 4:30 ... one massive musical experience ... a blend of hard, tribal, and vocal tracks meshed into the perfect synthesis of XTC ... a maze of rainbow color lights filled with flashing, pulsing explosions of XTC ... for me ... just another night at CPI on saturday ... Jason Ojeda rocked the house and ripped the system apart ... totally worked the shit out of Absolutely Not and You Set me free (the delicious anthem dub into the vocal - very uplifting) other highlights: I wanna dance with somebody, Touch me, and a bunch of tracks that I can only classify as tribal, but very hard also ... peace yeah ... I'm an asskisser ... work this much love, Rally