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  1. Space This Space That

    same shit 2 months later pffffrrrtttt.................
  2. whats really wrong???

  3. feedback

    I suggested the managers of the club to come to the messageboard themselves and i really hope they will do it. You guys forget that i am just an employee of the club thats interested in how the club is doiing. I can only make suggestions but the final descisions are not my responsability. Like you guys do, I love music, good clubs and a good service. But i can't change the world in 1 weekend ok!!!
  4. Whats wrong?

    Hi everybody, Whats happening why is everybody so pissed off all of a sudden? I printed out the messages you guys posted and will make sure that the management gets them! I will let you guys now what the follw up is ...
  5. Guy Ornandel @ Space

    Edgar V just came back from Ibiza where he spinned one night with Guy and he said the guy rules DON'T MISS IT www.Clubspace.com
  6. Upcoming events

    AM I A MAN?
  7. Upcoming events

    I did, not that hard I LOVE YOOUUU ...see?
  8. Mekka

    yes i think the metro will be open but not sure yet.....
  9. Upcoming events

    before 12 : complimentary admission if you come early i can give you complimentary passes
  10. Upcoming events

  11. Mekka

    Mekka is gonna be awesome...just come and check it out
  12. Feedback on Nick Warren

    What about Nick Warren? I have very different opinions about the guy so lets see what you guys think...
  13. So you're the guy in the club dancing on the speakers...
  14. Hey guys, i'm back I handed over your comments to the staff, and they're trying to give it a positive follow up. Gimme more...
  15. Thx for suggestions .....more?

    What kind of theme party you like? Circus?Foamparty?Horror?... Surprise me with some good ideas...