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  1. The reason I ask is because I plan to pop the question to my girlfriend within a few months, and I would like to do it in NYC. I would like something that's not too public (not a sporting event), but doesn't have to be so private either. Central Park could be a nice possibility, but someone I know recently popped the question there on a boat ride in the pond, so I don't wanna end up copying him. I have a few other areas in mind, but I never hung out in Central Park enough to know all the small details. Any suggestions for within the park? How about elsewhere in Manhattan? Lincoln Center? A nice restaurant that isn't too flashy (if I take her to a fancy restaurant in this timeframe with no occasion, she'll know something's up), etc?
  2. Whats your tat?

    Sorry...I just wanted to try a quick edit, and accidentally wiped it off. I'll put it back again.
  3. Whats your tat?

    I have a crocodile standing up on my upper right back.
  4. a tatoo question

    I also agree with the thought that whatever you get, make sure it has some personal meaning to you. Don't just get one cause you thought the design looks cool.
  5. Tattoo for a guy?

    I have been thinking about a tattoo for a while now. I want it in the most discreet place, so if I get one, it would be on my hip, between the area of my front and rear pants pocket, on the left side. Anyhow, I'm not really into tribal designs. I also don't want Chinese characters, skulls, demons, etc. I personally like animal, cartoon, or dragon designs. I have a cartoon drawing of a "mischevious" crocodile, which I think is cute, but not in a girly/kiddish kind of way. Most importantly, this croc has some personal meaning to me, as the drawing is a reflection of my personality. I'm also thinking about a dragon too. They always look cool, plus I'm Asian and born in the year of the dragon. Are cartoon/animal type tattoos cool for a guy to have though? Or is it too "cute"? And my other reservation about a dragon is that it's a little overplayed, especially among Asian guys.
  6. Parking in NYC?

    Can anyone suggest some parking lots in Manhattan (anywhere around the Village - Midtown), that is safe, and not too expensive? Just wondering if it is still possible to park in NYC for about 12+ hours, and pay under $20. Thanks!
  7. A bunch of us are hitting the city for a friend's birthday this Friday night. Some of them are not willing to pay a lot for cover charges, so I'm wondering...are there any good bars/lounges around the Village/SoHo/Chealsea/Flatiron districts that have dancing and don't have much of a cover charge ($0-5)? Also, this place should have an area where people who don't dance can sit, relax, drink, and talk. Thanks!
  8. Which lounge to go on a Friday night?

    Thanks for the suggestions! Hmmm...I'm not sure if La Nouvelle Justine would be their scene. I don't mind, but half of the people there are very conservative folks. Actually, I'm trying to liven and loosen them up. So I thought about bringing them to a moderate place. Any good places around the Village, with a low to moderate cover charge? Thanks again!
  9. A bunch of us are taking a friend out to celebrate her b-day in two weeks. Most of the people that are going prefer a rather non-rowdy scene. But I, and perhaps a few others, would like something that still has some excitement. So, basically, a nice classy lounge that has some dancing. A place where people who don't dance can sit, have drinks, and relax, and also allow others to dance and have fun. Any suggestions? What about Cheetah?