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  1. Post your DRUNK pics...

    It's been 6 yrs...giving this thread a BUMP lol
  2. Lets Bring CP Baaaack....Who's with me??

    How much does JoeG weigh now?
  3. Lets Bring CP Baaaack....Who's with me??

    Hey DaVe, Is there anyway possible to fully post back all the message searches? For example, if i wanna laugh and type in my name in the search queue for old posts, it will bring them up, but then, the full thread is cut off at the bottom by an advertisement. Not sure i explained this right but bottom line is, could you see if you can make old threads full searchable or at least put the threads of "quoth" on a USB drive if i give ya one lol....i wanna read how immature and stupid i was back then. CP was a huge part of my life and still somewhat is thru the people i still know. It'd be a total nice piece of nostalgia read my frame of mind and also stuff i wrote even around when my mom was sick and dying with cancer. btw....hotbarbiedoll is that you????????????????????????????? Tunnelbandit: PM me lol and we'll arrange to get some drinks. I actually hang out here and there n Harrison but live in NY. Smokesum: PM me as well with some contact info and let's get this started. I fee; we should get Bobby Goodrich involved as well as Johnny Vicious and do a ROXY: SEXY FRIDAYS meetup....it's 6 degrees of separation and with social media and those who we know, i know 30 people right off the top of my head who i could contact in order to get a meetup/reunion.
  4. Yes people, I am still alive and doing well. How are you?

    -Quoth 2/19/12

    [email protected]

  5. Lets Bring CP Baaaack....Who's with me??

    I suppose we were the true survivors of CP. 11 years later and still here, unfortunately though, we outlived the damn message board. I guess when DaVe sold it, it went all corporate and the people didn't know how to operate it like he did, so they concentrated more on the club stuff and less on the community, yet, it's the community that used to go out. Anyhow, where's that bitter old queen, Olympia/Jaysea? Wanna know if that cross-dressing bitch saw the Limelight documentary. Oh and who wants to hear what CP members I slept/hooked up with and or dated? I have many juicy stories and it doesn't seem to matter now to tell them 10 years later since no one reads this fucking board. Yes, 11 years later and still an angry Quoth Peace Out, Danwilson
  6. Lets Bring CP Baaaack....Who's with me??

    I'm still here JoeG couldn't make it cause he was busy lathering up his bologna tits.
  7. Yes people, I am still alive and doing well. How are you?

    -Quoth 8/16/11

  8. Damn....

    10 years later and what happened to these New York and New Jersey boards? Reunion Party anyone? -Quoth
  9. Shut the fuck up and go drink your beer on your porch in J.C. And Yes....this does signify the return of Quoth. I am indeed alive and living in New York City...and my birthday is on May 26th and Im gonna be fuckin old now...a new milestone.
  10. Oh well...i was just checking to see if my log in still works. What's up? -quoth
  11. Well Well Well....look what the cat dragged in...the only piece of shit that's bigger than the ones i take, fucking iliana. It's funny you mention that though, cause i have a buddy who does just that because he couldn't hack the foot patrol...too many fights from people making fun of his myspace page and calling him a fuckin toolbag half-breed.
  12. ..and when they light up on that windy wintery day, they blow the smoke right the fuck in your face. I really can not wait, to become an NYPD officer.
  13. prime real estate for sale...

    Wow holy shit! Joeg you're out of jail??? I heard from some people that went to court in Jersey cause you broke your ex-girlfriend's nose. What a piece of shit. Fuckin woman beater.
  14. Hellooo anyone out thereeee?

    No fuckin way did you just point your web browser to this site Lee.