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  1. alright first thing we could do is gather up all the fine hoes from the clubs. black white and asian. gather 20 girls. bigg butts big titties, and everything. Than What we do is inject the girls with aids,Herpes, the clap, and the common cold(just for the hell of it) next we put these girls in scantily clad clothing and drop them off in Iraq. Tell them to ask for Bin loddins and have them sex everyone they have to in order to get a chance to meet him. When they meet him they gotta seduce him and start fukkin him and ask to be in his herum. Ben is only human eventually he'll give in and do em all, and he'll die and all his crew will die. Only casualties are 20 American Girls solution #2 - Operation Pit Fool what we does is gather up 2 million pittbulls raise them feed them gunpowder train them to kill arabs. how well do this is put the dogs in cages and have arabs tease them and piss on them all day, so the dogs will develop a hatred for them. We'll have bush declare peace with ben loddins and meet him over there to shake hands, thas when we will unleash they will reak havoc on the people killing babies, women and Ben himself. case closed operation Dessert Storm ok we get Americas finest chefs, Emrril and them other muthafukkas like the dude that makes popeyes chicken and dom Deloiuse. we get them over there and they setup a shop that gives arab muslome terrorists free food. now note only terrorists get free food. evtually word will travel and old Ben loddin who has has been on the run for a long time so he gotta be hungry, wil stop in to get some eats. popeye will cook the chicken, and Emeril will fix the dessert. thats where we gonna get him. we gonna put bat seemen, Arsenic, cyanide, buffalo juice,bleach, tiger poop, and horse poop and all the chemical poisions into a chocolate moose. Ben will confess to being a terrorist in order to get the free food, eat it up and die. case closed I should be president and general Fuk colon pow