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    NYC jungle dj - what else u wanna know?
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    Dj-ing/Talent Scout/Promoter/Record Producer/Coffehouse Owner (I run the BlueRoom at Stevens in Hoboken, NJ)
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  1. man i havent been on this board in aaages. but hey... who's going? havent seen bukem in ages in the city and just cant wait!
  2. HomeGrown?

    yeah last night was much fun, thanks again lasix for inviting me out to play! here's a temp Tracklist from what i can recall.... Lasix definitely let me know when the mixes for this week come up on metromixradio... 1. Orion - Awakening (GLR) (Unreleased) 2. ASC - The Phantom (TestFlight) (Unreleased) 3. Future Engineers - Changes in State 720 4. ASC - Linear Reflex - Covert Ops (Unreleased) 5. Orion - Testimony - TestFlight (Unreleased) 6. Plex - SpeedFreak - 720 7. ASC - Storm on The Horizon - TestFlight (Unreleased) 8. Third Rail - Return of The Apprentice (Unreleased) 9. Blu Mar Ten vs. Erykah - You Got Me rmx (White) 10. Orion - Slanked (Unreleased) i think thats about it....... again much thanks to those that came out, also props to wreck and to adam for pushing the sound as well. April 12th im djing again at Direct Drive with Mathematics - come on out! Lou ()
  3. DJ/Birthday Gig this saturday at Baktun!!

    hope some of u can make it! Lou ()
  4. LTJ Bukem this thursday???

    yup you got your info right! printing dood apparently was late with the fliers, sorry all for the late reply and info .. more info at www.directdrive.net Lou ()
  5. Hey all, i got my monthly guest spot once again at Baktun for Direct Drive, and this time im playing for the party's 4 year anniversary, PLUS its gonna be on my birthday!!! hope some of you can come out again to see me spin this saturday, definitely will be many testflight and other atmospheric dubplates played!! I'll be on from 10 til about 11:30 or midnight! come support the sound! here are the details... September 28th Drum and Bass Direct Drive Baktun 418W 14th st. btn. 9&10th 4 YEAR ANNIVERSARY 10 HOUR SMASH-UP from 10pm to 8am!!! NOOKIE & MC FIVE ALIVE DYLAN BURNER BROTHERS DJ SEOUL CASSIEN of Legend DJ DOOMER aka Sara Walker ARTUR L BLUE WATER 21+/ bring ID Admission at Baktun: $12 / reduced for members Ladies FREE w/ flyer or e-mail before midnight 24HR info line: 212.613.0900 Lou ()
  6. ::raises hand:: kris will be there too... and yes there should still be tickets nathan, call the store to make sure... did u get my cd? Lou ()
  7. What are you passionate about?

    The Quest to make The Perfect Omelette oh, and my DJ-ing
  8. It's that time again! (Dj-ing at Baktun!)

    hey quoth! yeah u can check out the event info at www.directdrive.net - hope to see you there! lata Lou ()
  9. It's that time again! (Dj-ing at Baktun!)

    just one more lil shameless bump before tonight! hope some of you can make it! lata Lou ()
  10. Good Morning CP!

    y yes i am! 10-11:30/12 at baktun - be great to see you again!
  11. Good Morning CP!

    ::yaaawn:: morning - hopefully i can leave early today too!!
  12. i want this day to end...

    ive been pissin away at my temp job since like 2! ::wizzzzzzzz::
  13. . . . Winter . . .

    i just like the fact that i can dress as much or as little as i want in the colder months... i dont like the nasty sun and humidity dictating what i should wear - blech!
  14. my boss gave me 3 cookies!

    man i could go for some cookies... some peanut butter chip ones.... ohhhhhh
  15. "Lil Monster DJ" 7-year-old DJ

    im sorry but that is both cool and disturbing at the same time - but hey if he can do more power to him!