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    I'm not a slave to a world that doesnt give a shit
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    i wanna outrace the speed of pain for another day
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  1. Who seen OZ???

    AWWWW my baby Cyril is in trouble but my hunny bunni Ryan is gonna get that muthafawka like dis..... Yo i know the aryans are fawked up but you gotta admit they can have you crackin up at times and not for nothing but when are we seeing Hoyts Peeshi again?? its just so Yummylicous and what about Ryan's too?? i havent seen his in a long time and when the hell is my Keller and beecher gettin it on?? i want my romance!!!
  2. Guys Thin Or Thick Pussy Lips

    Dude tell that biatch shave that shit ugh and the urine that tinkles down there UGH!!! im gonna vomit.... but think of the bright side of things.....she can have funky dreds right??? :goofy: and Syn yeah i know quit jockin my shyt lol
  3. Pickup Lines That May Get You Killed

    hmmm the real winner i got was " can i floss my teeth with your pubic hair" Like i dont have pubic hair that is so unsanitary in my opinion:goofy:
  4. Guys Thin Or Thick Pussy Lips

    The real question is.........Shaved or Unshaved?