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  1. Need A Venue - Asap!

    Thanks everyone. Crash Mansion - too small 600 capacity Beacon Theater - Does not work with outside producers (Live Nation Contract) Mercury Lounge - Does not work with outside producers - too small Downtime - too small - bad layout for live performances Bottom Line - Closed in Jan 2006 BAM (Brooklyn) - Does not work with outside producers Where is Asylum? Wicket? This is what I'm talking about. I know there are huge spaces out there, that aren't being utilize to their fullest extend, and this is what I'd like to get set up. Major publicity for this show, once we confirm a venue. There use to be a spot over on 23rd Street, it was really swank and big. There was a big martini glass awning or sculpture or something right smack in the middle of the club. It changed hands a few times over the years, and the last I heard of it was around 2001 - went back a few times to look for it, but couldn't find it. It was over on 7/8th ave. Any ideas? I also know there are various after hour spots, that are pretty big, but very hush hush. These would be ideal also. I went to one over on 8th ave around 27/28th street. It was on a second floor, and you had to call someone to be let in. It was also a huge space, and perfect for this. But man I was sooo messed up everytime I went there, I could never remember where it was, but somehow we always wound up there at 5am. I think it was Teddy's or Mickey's or some name like that (no, not Brownies). - O
  2. Need A Venue - Asap!

    We mainly need a venue with a stage. If we have to bring in sound, that is fine. But a stage already installed, would be ideal. Will bring in a stage & sound, if the venue/space is 'right'. Thanks again. - O
  3. I need a venue/room to hold a live show. Bands and all. Please do not mention the following: AVALON ROSELAND IRVING PLAZA WEBSTER HALL BOWERY BALLROOM HAMMERSTEIN CROBAR PACHA KNITTING FACTORY BBKINGS NOKIA THEATER 98% of those have contracts with LIVE NATION (Clear Channel), and wont work with outside producers. The other 2% aren't set up for live performances - no stage, no live PA. ANd we really don't feel like bringing all that stuff in. Or they have contracts with other companies (AEG Live, Bowery Presents, etc) So, what does that leave us with? NOT A WHOLE LOT! But I know there are venues out there, that I might have overlooked, or I am not aware of. Any suggestions/ideas would be greatly appreciated. This is a pretty known band, and we need something that can hold about 800-1200 people on a weekday in Oct. If you represent a venue, please contact me directly: [email protected] Thanks. - O
  4. Ok, i turn to you guys for some SERIOUS help. I need a venue that can hold about 2000 people, and can support a live electronica act. So there needs to be a stage, lighting, and all that stuff. Please do not tell me to go to the following, unless you have some SERIOUS pull at any of these venues: Webster Hall - run by Bowery Productions - do not co-promote Avalon - run by Live Nation/Clear Channel - do not co-promote BB Kings - booked Nokia Theater - booked Crobar - waiting Spirit - waiting Pacha - waiting Irving Plaza - run by Live Nation Hammerstein - booked - waiting - not sure So what's left?? We might have something @ Crobar working out as well as Pacha, but I want to have back ups, just in case. Is there any other venue/club that I am missing that can hold this many people. I can't reveal the artists... well actually, many of you probably don't even know them unless your into that old skool dark electronica industrial scene, but the show will sell out. I need something for a saturday, in mid-June with a showtime of about 6/7pm till about 10pm. Any suggestions are appreciated. - Optic.
  5. the CHAMBER Saga continues... T E R M I N A L presents... WED. NOV 23rd - THANKSGIVING EVE @ PYRAMID 101 Ave A NY, NY -------- UPSTAIRS - PYSCHO DYNAMICS USA LIVE TOUR... Featuring... - ADAM X (Pyscho Dynamics/Alfa Matrix, Sonic Groove) In support of his new album "FATE UNKNOWN". Adam performs his first LIVE show in NYC EVER!!! - MONOLITH (Pyscho Dynamics/Alfa Matrix) The return of Belgian electronic pioneer ERIC VAN WONTERGHEM. The face behind many EBM/INDUSTRIAL projects, including INSEKT, ABSOLUTE BODY CONTROL & SONAR Manning the Decks before, during, & after the show... - DAN PHYSICS (teikou music, sonic groove) - VICTOR VORTEXx (terminal, chamber) - DJ RAVAGE (albion) - TERMiNAL OPTiC (terminal, nocturnal creatures) ---------- DOWNSTAIRS - SEXY SUSPENSION ACT & FETISH MAYHEM... Featuring... Bella of bellavendetta.com, performed by Rites of Passage Suspension group (www.ariteofpassage.org) and Pure body arts (www.purebodyarts.com) and also starring some of the other lovely ladies of the famed revenge krew and BellaVendetta.com: Dee, Nekromanta and Lady J. There will be hooks, needles, boobs and dancing, definately a show not to miss! Fire performance by Zidney Sids of bellavendetta.com MUSIC... LEADGOLD NO_REQUESTS RYAN McKNIGHT spin ELEKTRO : EBM : POST PUNK : EARLY GOTH : RETRO : WHATEVER. ========== Doors: 9pm / 18+ Admission: Limited Advance @ $10 & $15 @ Door - $10 - PVC:FETISH:BDSM:CYBER:ANIME:MILITANT all others $15-20 OR - $10 - RSVP NOW - USING OUR ONLINE SYSTEM! Buy tickets online at *************.com For phone orders call toll free 877.71.GROOVE (877.714.7668). Brought to you by... :: T E R M i N A L :: www.terminalbeats.com
  6. only have 5 left now. will have more later, as I am fixing them up now, but those wont be available for another month or so.
  7. I have about 8 or so turntables for sale. They are all Technics 1200s, but models do differ.. SL1200MK2 (Silver) - The original 1200 SL1210MK2 (Black) - The black 1200 (no difference between 1200, except color) SL1200M3D (Silver) - This came out after the MK2s, and have a pitch reset button on it, as well as recessed power knob SL1200MK3 (Silver) - Same as above M3D, just different model number. All are mechanically MINT condition. Exterior range from mint to average. I work on 1200s for a living, plus I'm Panasonic certified, and these are just a bunch that I've collected over the years. I have more, but I am still working on them. But as I said, all are in MINT condition mechancially, and I'll even give you a 6 month warranty on the turntable! Some have dust coves, some don't. I don't have pictures up yet, but your welcome to come down and pick and choose which one(s) you want. Deals on 2 or more. I'm selling them @ $300 for singles, and $500 for pairs. If you buy 3+, I'll drop it down to $225/ea!! That's crazy!! But I have no room for all these turntables!! Plus you'll get the warranty as well, so you can't go wrong! Email me and I'll give you specifics. Just let me know which model/color you prefer and how many you want, and I'll tell you what I have left. I can also modify them if you want, like changing the lights to blue, upgrading the RCA cables, painting the cabinets, pretty much anything. Of course this would be extra. I'm trying to sell them directly, but the ones I don't sell will go to Ebay. I also have some customized 1200s, but these will only be sold on Ebay. These are a metalic blue finish, with blue lights, reverse, 78rpm, monster cables, & internally grounded - if your interested in these, IM me and I'll let you know when the Ebay auction will begin. I am in Brooklyn, but I have no problem meeting you somewhere or delivering them to you as well. peace. - O
  8. ThunderTomProd. & T E R M I N A L present ============================== : : N O C T U R N A L C R E A T U R E S : : ============================== Fridays @ Ultra Sound Lounge (MetaSin) 2715 Hempstead Tpke, Levittown info & guest list - 631-574-4622 ------------------------------------- FRIDAY - Jan 16th, 2004 the man, the myth, a NY legend... ADAM X (Sonic Groove Records) OPTIC (DAT Records : TERMINALbEATS) EDGEY (Black Monoliath Rec : www.edgey.net) :: darkstep : dnb : hardstep :: FREEPORT NICK (nocturnal creatures) :: techno : electro : darkwave :: MARIKO (nocturnal creatures) :: punky disco : electronica :: ANTI-CATHY (nocturnal creatures) :: punk rock : glam : retro :: 18+ / ID Req'd Doors 10pm-8am www.terminalbeats.com www.thundertom.com
  9. pretty much everything. Jungle, Techno, Dub, Hip Hop, Downtempo, House, Industrial, Electro. - o.
  10. just found out... ADAM X tuesday 11/25 along with HEDDABOMBz and MYTH-I-S No Cover! I know tuesdays are hard for some people, but this is Thanksgiving week, so i know it will be slow at most jobs, and there's no school also. So if you can come out and support! Last time Adam was there, we didn't close the place down till about 7!! Juke Joint 213 Bedford Ave. Bellmore, NY As for the open turntables... there's only 2 slots for this night, cause Adam likes to spin longer than the usual 1hr set, so whenever he gets off, that's when we'll have the open deck slot. There is 1 slot from 10-11 still open, so if anyone is interested email: [email protected] - o.
  11. actually, i know what you mean. but most of those punk kids are into other stuff. they won't admit it, but they are. i do hang out there on other nights as well. thursdays use to be a mish-mosh pit of everything, then the promoter started forcusing more on punk and bringing in punk bands and stuff. now, they stopped the bands, but the punk element is still there, which i don't mind. i'm into pretty much everything. but this makes the place perfect for other non-commercial types of music and crowds. on tuesdays it's a mix of goth kids, techno heads, junglists, and turntablists. their all into electronica based music, and are outcasts everywhere else. most bars won't permit anything like that unless your raking in big bucks for them at the bar. in this case, the owners are very flexible and understanding, and know that sometimes it's not just about the money, but about the quality and vibe of a place. People will spread the word, and they will come. And it's worked. Tuesdays & Thursdays are their busiest no-band night. anyways, perhaps we know each other, or have seen each other around. i bartend on tuesdays. - o.
  12. the juke is only "punky" on Thurs nights. they rarely hang out there any other day of the week. besides, them punks are pretty cool peeps. met alot of good people there, punk and non-punk.
  13. why not @ the juke? do you have a better place?? i like the juke. they let you do whatever you want.
  14. This is of course for the Long Island heads. There's an open turntable night every Tuesday out in Bellmore if you want to play to a receptive crowd. It's a small bar, but it sooo out of place for Long Island, it feels like it should belong on Ave. B or something. Anyways, great for bedroom DJs looking to practice or play! Last month they had Adam X, and they book alot of other great DJs. For Long Island, this is extremely RARE! check it - www.terminalbeats.com
  15. Gay Clubs

    Escuelita kicks. Lots of fun. Tranny show @ 2am, strong drinks, good looking crowd. very mixed... white/black/spanish. It's more spanish oriented with lots of Salsa, Merengue, but the DJs also drop tons of old school house from the 80s and such. Freestyle, and just about everything else too. If your friend likes the bar scene, most are small dance clubs anyways, they don't really take to kindly to the cabaret laws, and most bar owners ignore it. plus the taskforce doesn't really mess with them. 7th ave from 14-23 street has lots of good places like these. - optic.