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  1. Post some Lez

    Yo Pivo post some girl on girl shit..Thanx
  2. Erogneous Zones

    Ladies can you help me out and tell me where the female erogneous zones are? If you help me out then you will be pleasing a lot of girls out there...THANX
  3. Half an OZ. of Weed

    A good ounce is $120..$150max. A month ago me and my friends had some good shit ($60 a half OZ) I dunno why everyone is saying 3 or $400?!? What kind you talking about?
  4. How bout u suck my fucking cock? Haha How bout that one..
  5. yo who's gettin fuked up on 420

    Everyone have a good 420..Blaze ur balls off guys..and ladies..Blaze ur twats off!
  6. ok, just stop calling me kiddo and shit yo..it makes me feel like im fucking 3 yrs old and shit..if your sorry and u really mean it then post some twat pics..EVERYONE POST SOME PORN!
  7. You are a fucking pain in the ass..just post porn..im 14...thats the best time to look at porn..your trying to tell me that 14yr olds dont look at mad porn? Fuck that shit..Post some twat and pull the stick out of your ass!
  8. Post your favorite porn pics..post your favorite pornstars hot pics...
  9. shaved or not shaved?

  10. shaved or not shaved?

    Mmm...There's nothing like some nice shaved twat in your mouth:licker:... "It's Mmm Mmmm Good", just like campbell's soup (and just as Wet too..
  11. Attn: Ladies..Erogneous Zones

    just checkng my signature
  12. My friend told me that sugar and caffeine kill your trip..And its a bad thing to have them before a club if your gonna trip. Is that true? Has anyone ever gotten a bad experience with some shit like that?
  13. Attn: Ladies..Erogneous Zones

    Ladies Can you tell me The 7 Erogneous Zones? I heard there was seven of them but I can only think of 5...PLEASE HELP!
  14. Hell yea! I also like the Big B's Small C's... P.S. HOW DO YOU MAKE A SIGNATURE???
  15. Does Size Matter?

    Just cuz im 14 i cant see x-rated shit? What are you my Mom? Oh im sorry Mommy, I wont look at the Midget Pornstars with Peglegs ANYMORE... (yeah..right..)