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  1. Allright, some of you may know that I have had problems with the Alliance on this board. In fact, I even had to change my username to "junkyarddog" b/c of these problems (thats why I only got such few posts). Well weekend me and my girl were at my cousin's shore house in Belmar and I actually met these guys at Djais! These guys are fuckin' crazy!!! I was at Djais on Friday night with and saw this group of guidos in a circle pounding drinks, pumping their fists and literally surrounded by chicks every time i looked over. On Saturday during happy hour, we saw them again, and had to approach them. There was one in particular that seemed to be the ring leader who was always surrounded by chicks and really rowdy, and had these ridiculous diamond studded gucci sunglasses. I must admit i was a litle intimidated b/c a few of them were pretty big, but I still went up to one of them and told them they were fuckin' crazy. This guy introduced himself as GoldenGoose or something like that, and he was wearing a chain around his neck that said SLUT...what a lunatic. These guidos were mad cool and made me feel like a scrub with my A/X gear on b/c they were sporting everything from D&G to Gucci to Versace. A few mintues later, I saw 2 really hot guidettes go up to this crazy dude in the sunglasses...I tried listening in and almost shit in pants after I heard one of the guidos say, "this is Gropasuarus"!!! He got all pissed off b/c, for some reason, he wanted to keep his identity a secret. After the chix stopped hugging and groping him, i wnt up and introduced myself...this guys fuckin' intimidating as hell...has a certain look in his eyes. ANyway, i met some of teh other members of the alliance...i'm totally not gay, but these dudes made me feel like sloth. Some of the names i can remember are Pasionate, Syphead, Silverback, Fleximus and Goldengoose, but there were at least 5 more....these guidos are really no joke!!! Gropasuarus then had them all do the gauntlet for me and my boys, which is something where they surround hot chix whne tehy walk by and grope the shit out of them, and the guidettes love it!!! . We ran into them later at Headliner (which was too packed, but they cleared out their own section) and we drank red bulls and vodka like it was water all night, and so many shots. They had a sick late night party at their house too, whcih fuckin' really nice. WHat a night!!! Well, i'm glad i met these guidos...we definitely gotta party this summer Alliance...and Gropasaurus, great to meet ya!!! By the way, I hope no hard feelings aobut my posts where I talk shit to you guys Let by gones be by gones, JYD
  2. New Jersey's Ten Commandments...

    Stay outta this, this don't concern you. Gropasaurus knows who I am, yet he avoids me b/c he's scared of me.
  3. New Jersey's Ten Commandments...

    Gropasaurus, You are freakin pathetic and so unfunny. Stop trying so hard to be guido b/c we all know you're really a 15yo kid who's never gotten laid. I wanna fistfight you and Monsterguido. I'll meet you anytime anywhere. BRING IT ON, PUSSY!
  4. I'm callin you fags out...I wanna fistfight each and every one of ya!!!
  5. A Guido's Poem...

    Bring it on bitch!!! You're probably some 5'5", 130lbs punk, just like the rest of the Alliance Pussies. You know who I am ...so lets do this JYD
  6. A Guido's Poem...

    Neither....I changed my username
  7. A Guido's Poem...

    Lets all stop kissing Gropasaurus's ass! He's a poser, a loser, and a NOT EVEN A GUIDO!!! I wanna fistfight you gropasaurus! Bring it on... The Alliance is a bunch of pussies!!!! JYD
  8. A Guido's Poem...

    You suck! Your poem sucks! The Alliance is a bunch of pussies! No one missed you when you were gone! I don't even believe that you're a guido JYD