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    thanks for the advice
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    I dont know whats wrong with me... The other nite i drank maybe two glasses of champagne, and wth my second glass i took one E pill... like an hour later i felt like vomiting big time and my head was spinning back and forth. I kept comin in and out of blackness and all of my body parts started to hurt real bad. I smoked a few trees to mellow me out cos my heart was racing real fast. i kept having terrible headrushes where i blacked out for a couple minutes... i couldnt move at all... that was saturday... i fell pretty fine now, but all week ive been having really bad headrushes where i get really dizzy and blackout for a second... but as the days go by there isnt as many where did i go wrong? ive done E a few times before but never mixed it w/alcohol... i def wasnt drunk so what happened? n when are the headrushes gonna end?