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  1. Easy Male Vocal I.D.

    Alright, thanx:idea:
  2. Easy Male Vocal I.D.

    I thought it was Cuba Computers - Lady (Chus and ceballos)
  3. JP's Reina

    That joke is really old bro. Its all about originality.
  4. Nirvana's Lithium remix at Factory last night

    I dont know it sounded really good last night. But that might have been because everything else sucked.
  5. Junior Vasquez Had A Heart Attack

    LMFAO:D I dont mean to laugh at this post but this reply is funny.
  6. I need a favor...

    You obviously didnt think this out before you posted this did you? Theres a reason why this is called a PUBLIC message board.
  7. Pure Mdma?????????

    Thanx, but next time coudld you post that shit in English.
  8. Pure Mdma?????????

    UGGGGGGGGGGHhhhhhhhhhh. I Thats the shit i need to find. If its out there, ill get it. Thanx for the secret;)
  9. Pure Mdma?????????

    Thats 100% right, especially the part about being a lucky SOB. I want good shit bad.
  10. Pure Mdma?????????

    Thanx. I guess i was wrong about the liquid shit. Im def. not talking about LSD. I know that comes in gel caps but i though PURE mdma does too. Anyway thanks for the info. I appreciate it.
  11. Pure Mdma?????????

    MDMA does also. ........ It comes in liquid form
  12. Pure Mdma?????????

    I want to find the liquid shit, like gel-caps.
  13. Pure Mdma?????????

    Thank you. I was gonna give up that shit is hard to find.
  14. Pure Mdma?????????