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  1. Culture Club Saturdays

    That's pretty much what I thought she would say, lol. stick a fork in her - she's done. Get some rest, Iliana, you need it.
  2. The End of An Era

    So who is spinning this Saturday? I was so looking foward to the classics on the 7th I missed the last one that sucks. So Jason maybe you could throw a few in from 1998 on labor day? Relentless Loudness Up and down Lift the needle Do it again Angel love Release me Found a cure I want muscles Just come back to me Beautiful day If Im not in love I'm Leavin Lift me up Feel it Allright This joy Sucking my dick This is the real thing(Bitch) Thats it Tell me Let the sunshine Did I forget any? If I did please play them also. Hey Jason thanks again for another great summer of great music you were really great and spun you ass off. I will miss it. I wish you would continue to post on the message board.
  3. Cpi

    It may have been dead, Jason more than made up for it. What a great night he had. He did a tribal set that was off the hook. He was off the hook. Amazing and awsome. It is ashame more people did not get to hear it.
  4. This Saturday, 8/10..

  5. The Roxy!

    Guido. It blows my mind that it is hard for you to find a good gig in NY, all I can say is they have no f'n idea what they are missing. You will always be one of my favorite Dj's and friends hope to be in touch soon miss you and miss hearing you spin. Where ya going to be so I can catch up with you? Jason. Yes, you have to take the good with the bad and don't take any of it personal! For every person that has something bad to say there will be that many more people that have good things to say. Please continue to post your opinions here, and continue to play the music you love to play. "It's all good!" I would rather come listen to some of our local NY Dj's spin than do anything else in the world you guys are great. I respect,support and love listening to you do what you do. Peace,Love,Unity,Happiness,Music,and,Dancing