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  1. You make good money but no good person to curl up to and share your day with. you visit clients, but you feel your stomach bulge as you plug your safety belt in. you think about how you want to keep you apartment and car clean, but someone alwAYS SEEMS TO GET SICK IN IT. you feel hair growing all over your body in places you never want it to grow. you stay up some weekends on partry benders hopeing to not eat too much. you look in the mriror and star to get scared, this isnt me. you become disinterested in chasing women and sex. your clothes gets tight and you wish you could still fit into the smaller clothes you used to. You go out and everyone feels like they are your younger brother and sister, your hormones casue you to break out at tiems and the cahnge of season makes your scalp peal. you trust few and spend free time chasing an old girlfriend around differnt messageboards hopeing to get acceptance, but you fail again and again. you feel guilty about persuing women so you jack off downloading porn off the net. thee music you listen to become classics., you get irritated how commercial music is and the last shit band you rmemrber was new kids on the block. your drink alcohol even though youdont like it. you feelcomfy in casual clothes, you avoid starting relationships with people. you go out alone alot. you feel alone a lot even though yuou always have people around you. you have nervous habbits, you let you anger get the best of you and get banned from every message board out there. you go back to the music and focus on building more success, untill you make enough to pour it all away and still make money. you work out in place of partying and get in shape, your hair falls out, then you have moeny you are middle aged and chase 20 yr old girls in cocktail dresses until one marries you for money and you die a slow death on a golf course somewhere with your stick in your hand looking for you balls that have hit the ground, cigar in mouth, you keel over on your last swing. its great getting old!