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  1. Hamptons

    Thanks- that helps!
  2. Hamptons

    I had been posting for years ( I think I was orginally reg in 99 or 00) and had to reregister bec I forgot my username or when they did the board diferently or something... I'm an old lady now- 26 man- ha ha Thanks for the help by the way....
  3. Hamptons

    Wow, It's been so long since I lasted posted! I have some out of town friends visting next weekend and I wanted to take them to the hot spot in the Hamptons, since they never been to LI. But can't decide where to take. I hear everyone debating Hom and CPI. I haven't been to CPI in so long, sounds lame compared to back in the day! What other suggestions, somewhere that is the true essence of the Hamptons? Thanks.....