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  1. Holiday Warm Up

    I can't think of a better way to warm up for the holidays than a 4 hour set by Ali Ajami while DJ Dan is droppin beats next door, well maybe some holiday egg nog but this would have to be second best. Anyone who's going holla at me, and those of you who need guestlist drop me a line at [email protected]
  2. Roll Call: Friday the 13th

    I apologize you appear to be right although when I spoke to management this morning they didn't say anything about this to me. Not to mention the are promoting Red Jerry on the front page of the Avalon site and yes it is because BBB is a bitch.
  3. Roll Call: Friday the 13th

    Where did you hear this about them not being connected? It's going to be Avaland Friday as usual as far as I'm aware and I spoke to the club this morning.
  4. Roll Call: Friday the 13th

    So it's Friday the 13th again who's heading out to this one Red Jerry in Axis and Bad Boy Bill in Avalon? Don't know if I'm gonna make it, gotta do the work Christmas party thing but hopin to spin by. Anyone who needs guestlist drop me a line. [email protected]
  5. Roll Call: Collins and Howells

    Yeah and if she does show and isn't fucked up to begin with she will be by mid way through her set.
  6. clubs in boston

    I like Avalon, Venu, Axis, ID, Aria, Pravda and as far as afterhours is concerned i can't wait till Rise reopens in like Feb. or March. If you ever need guestlist holla at me and I'll hook ya up. -Shamus
  7. Roll Call: Collins and Howells

    So who's heading out to Avaland tomorrow for these two. Hopefully Sandra doesn't have any issues like she has had in the past, like not showing up. Hope to see alot of you there. Anyone who needs guestlist holla at me. [email protected]
  8. Attn: Snatch

    Yeah I still would have been out there at 11:15, did you ladies come in on my list because I don't remember hearing your names.
  9. Attn: Snatch

    Did you come in the avalon guestlist door? I was at the door till almost midnight, I was in black with a leather jacket on.
  10. Attn: Snatch

    We missed each other again. When I came in from the door I saw Dres and he said you were there, what time did you get there?
  11. Roll Call: Ali Ajami

    If you missed the sick show he put down last week you gotta come see the 4 hour set he's spinning tonight. Who's gonna be there gimme a shout. And if anyone needs guestlist let me know. [email protected]
  12. Roll Call: Ali vs. Patrick

    Didn't make it last night, have had a hellish week at work and just couldn't handle it. Will definitely be at Avaland tonight though, i think Dres is coming with me.
  13. Roll Call: Ali vs. Patrick

    Snatch we have to meet up one of these times, i keep missing you at the Deklab nights.
  14. Roll Call: Ali vs. Patrick

    So who's going to see these guys should be a sick night just makes me think of the Ali vs. Porter awhile back, yet another sick night, Ali is always a great night. Anyone who needs guestlist drop me a line [email protected]
  15. NUVO Thursdays

    NUVO Thursday's @ Venu with your Residents DEKLAB. NUVO Thursdays is a night for great progressive music, dedicated to showcasing the best in Boston's Up & Coming DJ talent. As always DEKLAB will bring you a wide range of progressive house that you guys have come to know them for, but the guests will bring in a bit of everything, from tech and deep house, tribal, to progressive and deep trance. ********** Here's the schedule for NUVO Thursdays For the next few weeks: Nov 7th - DJ Dres & Johnathan Da Hood (Progressive Trance) Nov 14th - Matt Cook & Dan Spurling (Deep/Tech House) Nov 21st - DEKLAB & Mark Martini (Dubcoast Music -> progressive) For guestlist: [email protected]