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  1. I will take action...

    With a chest like that you have to be a nice guy.. but still i stand next to level.. dont hate...everyone here has had a good time there. As for you jet fan, post in the new york thread your not wanted here. Comeback next week. Ricki is going to make you pay and with an injury (sad if you ask me).
  2. Dolphins win, Jets lose

    (shhhhh) The phins are better then ever. Watch out jet fans, this is payback year. If the patriots did it I know we can. We always lead in our division.
  3. Dolphins win, Jets lose

    Forget the dolphins or the jets. Saleen if your the chick on the left. I would enjoy of evening of clubbing,drugs and alot sex.
  4. I will take action...

    in reply to: level I like level ive had many great times; the music, unless its a special event has been mediocre. As for you saleen you probably just want attention(judging by the tits hanging out the shirt pic) Sweet heart judge yourself I do believe level always improves and gets better and better.. Level rules
  5. Ricky [email protected]#king Williams

    I think the dolphins are going to lose again to the jets with or with out Ricki Williams. One man cant carry there sorry asses threw the jets. Papo give your cuz a call:chainsaw: