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  1. VIP bottle service - tipping the doorman?

    I second that. Thank you for the response.
  2. We go to Vegas every year during March Madness and and like to do VIP bottle service each year. We make table reservations through the club and have been told at each club something like "Your VIP table reservation gets you right to the front of the line and right in with no hassle." Well, every single year, we get to the club at 10:00 or 10:30, have to stand in a mob of people, fighting our way through the crowd until we get to the area where the hosts with clipboards are running up and down the line. Then, when we finally get the attention of the host, he checks we are on the list, but then walks away to check others on the list!!! We have to repeatedly try to get the attention of him/or another host and finally end up giving one $50 just to get in to sit at the reserved table (no, we are not idiots, we all dress well and are reasonably attractive). Is there an easier way to do this (one would think paying $400 per bottle is enough)? Is every doorman looking for a handout? We have been VIP to Tryst, Light, Ice, and Rain. Is my experience described above typical treatment for out-of-towners going to popular clubs? Any input is appreciated.
  3. Help for 3-17 or 3-18

    Wondering if someone can point me in the right direction. Haven't been to Vegas in a year and it seems like the scene is constantly changing. There will be about 4 or 5 of us (all guys) and we want to do VIP/bottle service one night during our trip. We would do this on Fri. 3-17 or Sat. 3-18 (first weekend of March Madness). I like what I've read about Pure, Tryst, and BE. Any other suggestions for VIP on one of those nights? We don't know what night we'd go but probably Friday. Is Fri. or Sat. any better at either of those 3 places? Also - we're looking for more of a cool ambiance/vibe, and meeting women - the type of music isn't really that important. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.
  4. VIP in Vegas HELP!

    Thanks. I know bottles are like 300 but is there a table fee in addition to that? Anyone else have any input?
  5. VIP in Vegas HELP!

    Hey - I'd appreciate any info anyone can give. My friends and I will be in town in Mid-March for a bachelor party. On Friday night we want to go to a club and get table service, bottles, VIP, etc... There are about 10 of us. I think we are more interested in a club rather than lounge enviroment. Any suggestions which clubs do it better? Good scene for guys looking to meet ladies? I read the club review post at the beggining of the board but some more detail re: VIP would help. Thanks.
  6. Club Tru in AC?

    Going to AC for bachelor party on Sat.. Any help would be appreciated I've heard diff. things about club Tru. Is it a hole or a good club? Type of people that go there (good crowd, sleazy, "alternative", ect...)? Do lines get more than 1/2 hour long? Is casbah a better alternative? How long is line there? Can anyone reccommend a good sports bar for Sun. football?