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  1. question

    well it is over between us and I have no proof he was fucking someone else...but just the fact that when I said let me see your e-mail he tried to play himself, but I am not even getting into all the drama that ensued Thanks for the help!!!
  2. question

    lol.nah this e-mail account dont work like dat, i need some sort of back way entrance through my pc to get in.....IT people help!!!!!
  3. question

    lol.....I am serious I am not a psycho it is a long story
  4. question

    Is there a way to trackdown a password for someone's e-mail that they previously used on your computer? Or is it impossible to find out their password through your comp???? ANY HELP WOULD BE HIGHLY APPRECIATED!!!!!
  5. someone explain about yay.??

    It is nuts to have your picture in your sig, and post about how cheap the shit is up there.. which I assume is in Long Island wehre you live:rolleyes: