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  1. Foam Pit Parties?

    Of course it's better to wear white tops (with NO bra)... and white leather mini skirt, with no panties! Isn't that what all the fun is about? I usually go out partying with a bunch of swingers from www.altplayground.net (which is local to MD, DC, and VA) Picture? Yeah I've got those too...
  2. Foam Pit Parties?

    Lots of groping, eating out, bumping and grinding go on at the Baha Beach Club, DJ frequently asks to see girls nipples, as they're being rubbed with foam. They use an anti bacterial foam at Baha, it stings your eyes a bit if you get in it, but hopefully it kills everyones nasties Your shoes get soaked, because as the foam disappears, it turns to water, and yes you do get a film on your clothes as the night wears on... Better to wear real short skirt, and top, foam feels GREAT on your bare legs & bare crotch However it's fun, and I'm dying to find others in the area...
  3. Foam Pit Parties?

    Does anyone know of any foam pit parties at clubs in the MD/DC areas, besides The Baha Beach Club in Baltimore on Thursday nights? Would love to find some others! Thanks! FETISH CLOTHING - http://www.fetishclothing.com
  4. Fetish Clothing!!

    For the most AWESOME in fetish & Club wear, check out:- Julie...