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    currently memphis TN soon to be NY NY
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    DNB and trance, drinking, chillen with friends
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    waitress at strip club
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  1. about to be new skool to the area

    I'm working on it buddy!! We're going to get up there asap!!
  2. hey I am not!! I just want some people to chill with when I get up there!!
  3. Hmmm... I guess you could put it that way! :-) I'm just kidding. So when we get up there... you guys going to show us where all the hangouts are?? NY is a big place!!
  4. about to be new skool to the area

    i guess no one loves us!! :-)
  5. im new here

    I'm new here too dude... but welcome anyways...
  6. dude you don't even know. I was talking to a friend up there a couple of days ago... I love it. It's probably the biggest turn on. I'm just a little southern girl...
  7. Living in NYC area

    do they have housing for us even if we're not students??
  8. hahaha... wow.. you new yorkers have your head in the gutters! I can't wait to get up there. Your accents... mmmmm... very delicious! ;-)
  9. Living in NYC area

    damn... why didn't I think of that!!
  10. What's the scene like out there???

    hey now... that's not funny! memphis actually has a pretty good scene... nothing like new york... I know that! I lived in Brooklyn heights for a couple months and was blown away with all the things to do... but country?? No sir... I hate that music. I'm not originally from here anyways... my dad is a marine and I joined once I turned 18... so I've been around the block a couple times...
  11. Living in NYC area

    haha... I really hope it's not that small... cool I'll check that out. Do you guys know any good apartment searches? I keep looking for them and I get these things you have to pay for and other crazy stuff... I don't know... i wish I could just go up there... stay in a hotel and start working and then get a place... my friend is a little more careful than that though. I'm used to moving and stuff so to me it aint no thang....
  12. I will be done with flight school... flying with some major airline somewhere....
  13. haha... well damn... guess I'm not that cute! :-) You can go to www.findapix.com and user name blissofsuffuse to check out some other ones... I'm more dressed up.
  14. I went to a couple parties at dumbo last Nov... thrown by breakbeat science I think. They used to bring flame throwers and stuff. That was my favorite venue the last time I lived in NY... I can't wait to check it out again.
  15. I'm really into drum and bass, tech itch is one of my favorite producers... and also trance. Those are my two favorites. Just wondering what New York has to offer for these genres...