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  1. jeffffffff!!!! call me, i'll fill you in! but i'm sure you have a pretty good idea of what the problem was!
  2. I dont check in on this board in over a year at least, and this is the conversation............ It's like groundhog day. Same rumors for Surf....now Tempts..............LOL.......WHATS UP Stiff, Hype Prime!!!!
  3. What Dj......

    Marshall Fairbanks................. SICK!
  4. Feel Better Dondeizel!!!!!!!!!!!!

    oh, rod learned plenty in college, just nothing he was there to learn. He learned that an indictment is not a conviction!!
  5. just remember you can still be convicted of DWI WITHOUT a breath test basd on obesrvation and testimony of the officer....... what this means is you face additional suspension/fines for the refusal as well as the DWI. Refusing does not mean you caqn not be convicted of DWI. Lawyers, please weigh in
  6. Latin Night a success, if your into that kinda thing. Next Friday night, CD giveaway, Bodyshots & More! PM me for guestlist
  7. Yes, if you show respect, with most cops, you'll get respect. There are exceptions, like doing over 100 mph. Yes I think its OK to let someone who has been drinking drive if they are not impaired. If you produced your credentials without difficulty, were not slurring your speech, you eyes were not bloodshot and watery, and you were able to hold a conversation, you were probably OK to drive. Field testing starts from the minute you are asked for your credentials. Do you produce them right away, or do you pass over your license a few times as your looking, or worse, had the officer a credit card. It takes more than 1 or 2 beers to get to a .08. when I went to DWI detection school, it took people in a controlled drinking experiment an average of 4 to 6 drinks in a 2 hour period to get to a .10. These were hard liquor drinks. Most people know when they shouldn't be driving. If you have trouble with the keys, don't drive. Most people say after they are arrested that they had some type of problem unlocking the car or getting the key into the ignition. Probably a good test for yourself.
  8. Great night... good numbers and HOT girls, had to be a 3 to1 girl to guy ratio.
  9. actully it woule be rows 20 and higher.... they board from the rear of the aircraft
  10. as the boards resident cop, i have a few questions. what town, what are the other charges (probable cause for the stop), did he refuse the test, if not, what were the readings, was there mobile video, if so, of the violation, or just the field sobriety tests, and the big one, how was his attitude. NOW, in my opinion, the only way to get out of a DWI is some type of fuck up on our part with the breath tests, such as expired machine certs, problems with the ampuole control numbers, expired operator, or failure of the operator to follow the checklist. ALL of this is prety doubtful......so, your friend should probably invest in a good 10 speed. I dont have a lot of compassion for 3 time offenders, and the truth of the matter is, its hard to beat.
  11. Me Too....... But is the meathead????? Only time will tell!
  12. jeff...... did you save me a denny cd??
  13. If you only knew jeff, its like talking to a wall. my head pounds for hours every time i talk to him. But on the bright side, he seems to be taking a little more advice than he did last year. Good luck with your venues, see ya soon