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  1. club sex

    almost all the club heads i know have done it in a club at least once except for me i guess itz cuz i'm still pretty much a newbie but it will happen
  2. Are You A Slut ?!! Huh

    58% so that would make me a hewa
  3. Music during sex

    Yea I'm 2 loud 4 my own good I never saw it as a problem till the last time I got a hand clamped over my mouth.
  4. the new maxim

    I love maxim it is the male version of cosmo but I actually like reading it more. Sometimes the guys from maxim and the girls from cosmo write articles for the other magazine.
  5. Music during sex

    I TRY
  6. Music during sex

    i am not going 2 say if music is distracting or not but it does come in handy if u need something else 2 distract people from other noises that will b made
  7. I want to become a major drug head.....

    thats a nice goal 2 have and not 2 hard 2 accomplish either
  8. Jennifer Love Hewitt-Real or Fake?

    Hers are real I'm pretty sure becuz I watched something on her where she said she didn't understand why people made such a big deal over hers.
  9. sandbar 18 for girls? they say no..

    I'm under 20 and I've been there but it wasn't last week so maybe it was a special thing that night.
  10. Do you tip your tattoo artist

    If you get something simple done then there is no need 2 tip. Considering most tattoo artists over price anway. But if it is something they had 2 draw up for you or something that took many hours then yes tipping would b a good idea.
  11. i need some GOOD ideas ???

    b a mermaid