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  1. What Would You Name It? Contest!!

    LMAO! How the fuck do you get get robbed in Denver? Were you walking around with money falling out of your pockets?
  2. What Would You Name It? Contest!!

    Those are some good suggestions... Keep them coming.... So far my partners are steering towards: Connected and Nocturnal But keep them coming, I'm going to keep checking this post all weekend. Thanks for the responses so far!
  3. I need a little bit of help.... I represent a new magazine currently being developed in Denver called Night Lynx. Its main focus is to promote Denver's Dance Clubs, Sports Bars, Lounges, and the businesses that support them (i.e. Fashion, Music, Food). Unfortunately the original name we had chosen has received mixed reviews by our prospective readers. So now I've been given the task of choosing the new name for the magazine. I'm a complete moron when it comes to shit like this, so I figured "who better to ask," than the Club Guru's of NYC. We want the name to be short n'sweet, have meaning (envolving something to do with Club Culture), and still grab peoples attention when they walk by it. Not to much to ask for, right? Here's where you come in. Please post your selctions below, and on Monday, September 23rd, I will post the results of the contest. If your name is chosen, I will personally send you a cool crisp c'not ($100). Please post your email within the post, that way I have a way of reaching you if you are the winner. Thanks for your time and GOOD LUCK!! Jason Graves Night Lynx mail/mail