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  1. Wedding DJs

    wow!!! you sure are a nice guy!! Izzy gets PAID to talk. Every word is worth money. so dont HATE!
  2. Wedding DJs

    Izzy and Manny have worked together on many occassions in the past. Not just at the club. In my opinion, both Manny and Izzy are quilified for your wedding.Dont stress about the difference between the two. So I say have fun planning your wedding. I am in the middle of doing the same exact thing!!!!
  3. Wedding DJs

    izzy has an office right across from the menlo mall check out www.diamondpe.com or call direct DIAMOND ENTERTAINMENT 732-603-2150 you will get everything you need. including limo, video, photography call to set an appointment good luck and congrats!!!


    Last night was AMAZING. I do have one question--did any body else wake up with lil pink elephants running around on their head????
  6. Deko Does It Again...

    here we go again!!!
  7. and I will be pouring everybody the strong ass drinks!!
  8. yeah--and Izzy wears the pants around here too. oh and the sky is falling---------
  9. looking foward to working with you (again). Saturday is going to be Banannas!!!!! as for marco, i have invited him down several times to check this place out. Don't hold your breath. He will stop by ONLY if his woman ALLOWS him too---
  10. Deko Tonight Thursday 2/5/04...

    just in case you did not know, it is my birthday tonight. so i will see you all later!!!
  11. Latin Lounge Fridays @ Abyss

    Alex Perez is amazing. He is the only DJ that mixes salsa and hip hop together. I don't mean at different times, I mean clave with missy elliot. SICK SICK SICK!!! How many DJ's can say they do that. I am also glad that they are playing hip hop again. for a while, they didn't but now it's bbbbaaaaaccccckkkkkkkk--------- Friday nights at Abyss are off the hook, thanks to all of us LATIN MUSIC FANS!!! now only if they had a few flamingo dancers----
  12. Looking for Female Bartenders

    You should just be quite buddy, and I hope you enjoy your turn at the punishment bar---GIRLS ARE BETTER!!! We have breasts!!!
  13. Looking for Female Bartenders

    What happened Phill???? you forgot about me already?????Are you saying that I suck?oh boy!!!Don't forget that we are working together this Sunday at Deko------be nice to me or I will have to make you look bad!!!
  14. Great party Rob OHara!!! I am glad I drove up to check things out! Things will only continue to get bigger--Good Luck to 118!