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  1. The propaganda continues

    Bah more BS. (first of all i dont care about spelling and grammar at 6am so this could be messy) Im sick of stupid media. I can barely walk the streets without being acused of being on E or selling it. And i dont even look like a "raver". Iv been to the palace in Nola, and the security guards there may not be the best but they do check fairly well. In nola they are looking more for weapons than drugs. I mean what are the chances of actually finding a damn pill on sombody? They could have the PO PO standing at the door doing the searches if they wanted. The same amount would get in, weather it be in sombodys stomach already or not. Another thing that really bothers me is how they make it look like "raves" are killing people. First of all they dont know what the hell an actual rave is. They asume any party is a "rave" i guess. Anyway, the "raves" are not killing people, nor is the music. These raves are also not places that promote getting FUBAR. People do E outside of clubs and parties just as much as they do inside. Stupid people are killing themselves, simple as that. Let me state now that i have nothing against anyone that chooses to do any drug whatever it may be. If a person ODs it is thier own fault. The party didnt tell them to take that much nor did the music. When a person drinks to much who do they blame, the bar? Helllz no. They make fun of the persons drunk ass becuase they didnt know when to quit. Ill admit that there is alot of people that are in the "scene" for the drugs, not the music. But they are far outnumbered by the amount of people that are there because of the music, and could care less what everyones on. If you want to fight your war on drugs fight it on the street, dont tear our clubs apart. The buildings and music didnt make the drugs, why does everyone put the blame on them? Its just wood and invisable waves, leave them alone. Also tired of uneducated people saying trance is a "drug music." Do they just come to this becuase of its name or what? In my opinion its got to be the least "druggy music" In my observation the more bass and the faster its coming, the more messed up people you will see around. Maybe thats just what iv seen but doubt it. blarg, to much type not enough sleep, ill try to make some sense out of all this incoherent trash when i wake up, and bitch some more.
  2. WMC Help Please!

    When flying it is best to leave on a tuesday. why tuesday i dont know, but everytime i fly places i plan it for a tues-tues. Saves you a couple hundred dollars. Doesnt have to be tues, check other days of the week, but tues is my fav. If you time off doesnt alow for it then try just leaving on a tues or coming back on a tues, cut a little bit off if im not mistaken. And always far in advance. Unless your a baller and arnt concerned about the price. I used to live in Jacksonville so i usually fly into jacksonville, chill there for a couple days, then me and the crew ride out to miami for ultra, stay a couple nites then ride back home, chill couple more days, back on tues. Anyway in short, try leaving and returning on mid week days. Also I always fly southwest and use expedia. Priceline is good to but make sure you say exactly what you want becuase if you get it you have to buy. But i have got $90 flights to florida before
  3. New to Virginia

    Nice thanks for the info, all these places in DC? i could look em up but im just being lazy tonight =-P another boring Sat.
  4. New to Virginia

    yea it figures. I moved to a crap town like this in Alabama to, but they knew how to party like a champ. It may not have been all that huge but it was always fun. I used to club fri,sat religiously every weekend. I dont think iv been in a club in 2 months im gonna have a breakdown =-P.
  5. New to Virginia

    Hey people, just moved to Fredericksburg a little while ago, and was wondering what goes on around here. Obviously nothing in Fredericksburg, unless im just blind or something =-P. Anyway i hear DC is pretty cool, athough i have no job yet so im pretty much poor to be riding out there all the time. Also only turn 20 in afew days so 21+ is out for me. From Canada originally, moved to Florida for a couple years, then to Alabama (suprisingly good party town) now im in Fred, and its pretty much hurting lol. Anyway i know about glow and thats bout it, never been but looks cool. Mostly into Trance, Prog, House, but id settle for a house party with a $20 radio at this point. Anyway just thought id say hi, any info would be cool thanks.