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  1. AC for New Years - who is comming down

    i'll be at CASBAH!!!
  2. I am no longer Jenni Jugs

    no not me....i need a BF for that first LOL Jess got engaged over Xmas Jenni has been married to Justin for a while
  3. I am no longer Jenni Jugs

    no i haven't - she texted me on Xmas Its so awesome, i am so happy for her
  4. I am no longer Jenni Jugs

    no you don't - cause thats not you, Pitek....thats me & jess (recently engaged, btw) and Jenni LOL
  5. Who is your favorite DJ's in NJ???

  6. i'll be there - probably the only time this year
  7. Thanx 2 All Who Attended Diva Tue Nite!!!

    i always have fun at Diva glad to see it up & running again
  8. white noise ...listen to this..

    see you boys on the 22nd when i get back from Vegas
  9. Out Of Hiding...

    wowwwww it was 2 years ago i had to carry jenny out into the ocean in Miami that shit was too funny
  10. Studio 9... this friday?

    anyone have directions? or the website link?
  11. Studio 9... this friday?

    hopefully i'll see you all there
  12. Tsettos Rollcall!!!!!!!!

    OMGGGGGG I am coming out!!
  13. ok well this sucks!! I can't go cause I have to be at a friend's birthday dinner you guys know I still love you right????
  14. i'll see you tonighttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt
  15. sex in the middle of the dance floor listening to DT???