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  1. And now im cleaning out my basement, (enter break beat) 117 bpm I sit back and im jacked, and I bleed, I so need, you smoke weed, its your deed, to see through your exhistence, its not my persistence, checkin on you.... I was needin and pleadin, reading U_R_B, and checking your needs to bring back again, the old dj whore-lando when you were younger, still had back, and ran after men in the sack, thank god never black, its your knack to have a snack from a tract, that erases the places we've been again and again... Sorry phunky...I never meant to hurt you...Now I'm cleaning out my closet. dah dah dah dahdahdahdah clap A new mananger, controler, non dancer a prancer of dj's galore, you have whored, the music industry, really, forget it. I'm mean you copied the shoes, and the moves and chased dirtbags with tatoos and scratch records and drink booze, no longer rich jews... got a new account now, got down and sold your self how? To be cool to get a piece of you, because you were horney... How do you feeel now passing out others Cd's @#%$ dirtbags from the uk and New Jersey. Somehow I wish you luck, but something tells me you just want to @#%$, its kinda funny becasue they do not satisfy you, you have raped and pillaged a land person and industry... Is it really about the music, or how you can attatch yourself to mediocre talent, to run around regaining your independence. You will find... there are few who will love you,, you made a mistake now bitch @#%$ you! I don't wanna go back, id rather die than be with you, what do you think? Waitng for kicks.......... waiting for scissor kicks. This is how bad eminem sucks!
  2. Tell me what you see, Tell me what you see

    I am picking up meds in the shrink and gyno district tomorrow. Wonder how they will mix with other things like apple juice and eminems. Might have to drag phunky to cracktory
  3. **attn: helen a.k.a SexxyH**

    these pics look like they were taken at a club near rutgers! a very regional style.
  4. Tell me what you see, Tell me what you see

    Haven't seen you in a while phunky miss you, Ny has been suckin lately. Cheer up! This city will get better soon. ps. How are your seratonin levels, mine are higher than ever?
  5. Im still thinkin know the reason! Tell me what you say....... enter typical 178 bpm d and b beat.