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  1. Ohio

    hiya vic, how ya been? i saw that you are already planning for wmc 2003. have you talked to michael lately, i tried calling his cell about a bit ago and its not working. hope your doing well-talk to you soon.... and whats your excuse for not coming to ohio to see lawler this weekend? take care, gunther
  2. Ohio

    Four more days everyone till STEVE LAWLER here in cow-town!!! Everyone and their mom, 2nd cousins, and aunts and uncles from WVA need to see this guy! Ill be the kid with the "LAWLER I WANT TO HAVE YOUR BABY" t-shirt on.. j/k hope to see you guys there! take care, gunther:D
  3. Ohio

    hiya everyone. im from columbus and i heard about cp from some friends in dc and miami. I decided to check it out since most of the message boards around my city are all about promoter wars and mud slinging. anyway, i just wanted to say whats up to everyone and hope that more people from ohio will represent. hit me up on an email sometime [email protected] or aol im digitalgunther so if you guys havent heard already, but steve lawler will be at redzone in columbus on nov 22nd. i saw him at the balance promote party during last years wmc, and it was by far one of the best sets i have ever heard live. everyone should come down.. talk to you all later take care gunther