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  1. tiesto NYE in NYC

    HAH, no one replies, shut all you antichrist people
  2. tiesto NYE in NYC

    wow messed that one up, heh
  3. tiesto NYE in NYC

    your making me miss my year abroad, nooooooo!!!!!!!! it was sooooooo amazing
  4. why are you all so unhelpful, you understood what she said did you not?!?!?, too many people who dont know anything about helping people
  5. tiesto NYE in NYC

    I like some of the replies in this post, but the ones that are anti the#1DJINTHEWORLD!!!!! piss me off cuz the people dont understand that theres this whole other continent called europe where the clubbers are more, the clubs are better, and people have better taste in music....and for tiesto to actually come here on nye is a priveledge for all of us regardless of where he plays, tiesto is #1 for good reason, he plays the best music around and anyone who says anythign against him is just full of............ dam hippocrits lots of love Tiesto fans!!!!!!! you know what its about mwa :)