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  1. 2 hot tracks --- a possible summer anthem

    oh geez. I can rat off oodles if you'd like but for starters, try Oriental Dream - Egyptian and Slam - stepback.
  2. LIVE right now Mark Amatucci

    Toooooooooooooooooooooooch.... Bout time the Wed Nite spot got some talent up in here Only criticism is that you should try incorporating more "trance" into your set.......... get with it already! The movement has begun!!
  3. Erick Morillo

    Pleasure seein ya having a good time in Space for Danny's Party. The whole crew with the war paint on your faces was hysterical. Keep up the good work E! Pacha reunion in Summer 2004...
  4. 2 hot tracks --- a possible summer anthem

    'That Look' is 1999 and a quick FYI: no mix can touch Hani's. The nonsense being played last summer from Tsettos/Santana and Robbie Tronco is a disgrace to a classic vocal. As far as categorizing NY tech house, I dont think there is such a thing. NY at this point doesnt have much of a sound like it did 4 yrs ago. There are so many varying styles being spun at so many different clubs that if a particular genre doesnt appeal to you or "pollutes" your ears, then go somewhere more to your liking. Problem with NJ is that you're limited to bouncy simple chord tunes and lalabopping vocals. I'm still laughing at you calling 'tech house' garbage...
  5. MEGANITE w/ Mauro Picotto @ arc, Sat May 24

    Roderick.. you should definitely come through for this event. Picotto has a bi-monthly spot at ARC and I havent checked him out since WMC. Bring a helmet though (its gonna get ugly REAL soon as the night goes on)
  6. Hope everyone is training hard!

    As long as you're aware, thats cool. You getting TSH levels drawn when you're done? Let me know how that works out for you
  7. Hope everyone is training hard!

    100mcg's of T3??? wow... how long have you been on that regimen for and what were the titrations before that dose if you dont mind me asking? The cardiac sides of any thyroid compound pose too great a risk in my opinion and can cause major damage to the H-P-Thyroid axis as well if you're not careful. If you've seen anyone with Graves Disease, you'll know what I'm talking about. Be safe Bristol Meyers filed an IND for an obesity drug 2 yrs ago that targets the thyroid receptors for the metabolic enhancing effects you get with T3 but without the cardiac effects. If that gets FDA approval, buy stock.... not just drug stock but company stock as well.
  8. Good seein Digga ramming thru the crowd like Moses parting the sea of greasemonkeys.... Too bad your first Arc experience was an odoriforous one but you gotta come back when Picotto is in town and you'll get a true feel for the place during a prime night. Oh and thank you and Bus for the prompt delivery of that Meathead package for xmas.... Dee always hooks up the slamming gifts I'm still laughin at your expression Happy Bday once again
  9. serge, i'll check ya there bro Ray C + 8
  10. Saddam is dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ahhh yes, yes... Jonathan Peters.. you mean that guy that spins at that big building on 618 w.46th street.... yeahhh ok, now I get it.... Hold up, you sure its not the JP that lives in edgewater who does lines and harbors terrorist leaders while swinging around poles to the sounds of 50 cent and Bon Jovi that we're talking about??? im sooooooooooooo confused lmao
  11. Question

    Gone are the days of saline and silicone... Now chicks have the "Intel Inside" tattoo on their chest Ask them where they get those things calibrated... they can put Al Roker out of business
  12. I Luv Lunch!

    Big tits make me the smartest on cp........ weeeeeeeee I cant read but the initials on my chest are DD.... weeeeeeeeee The best compliment is when ppl throw beads at me.... weeeeee I flash my boobs in support of the army.... weeeeeee gonads and strifeeeeeeeee I need to get a lifeeeeeeee humadahumadahumadahumada weeeeeeeeee mothafucka weeeeeeeee
  13. Question

    Since when did they start installing Doppler Weather tracking devices and GPS monitors in breast implants?? Seems like every girl with man-made mountains can predict the seasonal changes...
  14. Saddam is dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What other JP is there? Please dont tell me you're referring to a high-heeled bimbo lmao weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  15. Saddam is dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    wtf are you talking about?? we ALL know that was in reference to Jonathan lollll.... Somebody knocked her head in the pole one tooooooo many times lmao Re..ad..in..g .... is....Fun..da...men...tal..